Fisher's Feedback on 10-Day China Tour

We enjoyed the mauseoleum and the prison here in particular and found this all very moving
Client: (Male) Ask Fisher about his experience Age: 60-75 Nationality: United Kingdom
Tour Date: January 24, 2011 - February 2, 2011  
FeedBack Date: February 11, 2011

Hello Michael,

- just a few thoughts on our recent trip to Vietnam.

We very much enjoyed the whole trip and the variety of opportunities that it provided for us. We had not visited Vietnam before so we particularly appreciated being able to travel the length of the country.

We started in Hanoi and got a good grasp of the city, its markets and shops (loved the rickshaw rides here!) and some of its historic sights and scenes. We enjoyed the mauseoleum and the prison here in particular and found this all very moving. We also enjoyed the food here - we had some excellent meals and our guide here provided us with all kinds of useful information as we went around the various sights. The hotel here was also excellent.

We went on to the Paradise Cruise from here - again excellent service and food here. We loved visiting the caves and seeing the monkeys roaming around on the rocks here was a stand out feature of our trip. The scenery all around here was amazing and we got a superb view when we climbed up to the the top of Dog Island. On our journey back to Hanoi we enjoyed various short stops for food and to other places of interest, again all well supported by our guide.

We moved from Hanoi down to Da Nang and to Hoi An. The hotel here was fine though perhaps not quite as excellent as the others we stayed in. The weather was not that good here - we had hoped to take greater advantage of being near to the beach and having outdoor pools on site - but in the end

we had a good time here and the itinerary worked well for us. We enjoyed looking round the old town, the cooking class and its location worked really well for us. The journey across the hills to Hue was excellent - lots of rain but it didn't matter too much at all. Our hotel here was again excellent and we much enjoyed visiting the tombs of various emperors here - ceratinly more stand out experiences for us.

Moving on to the sunshine and higher temperatures of Saigon was a real bonus! Again our guide here was excellent and we very much everything that we did here. Stand out/ WOW features here were - Saigon generally in its architecture, shops, Mekong Delta trip - all of it including the boat trip, the stop off points and the wonderful lunch we had at such a pleasant venue, the hotel and all its facilites and level of service. Again the War Remnants Museum was very moving abd so good to visit.

Yes, we loved so much of this trip and would recommend this warmly to other travellers similar to ourselves. Thank you again for all your

support and help in planning out such a suitable itinerary for us!

Best wishes

Judith and Phill Fisher