Charlzette's Feedback on 12-Day China Tour

Client: (Female) Age: 30-45 Nationality: United States
Tour Date: July 8, 2012 - July 19, 2012  
FeedBack Date: December 28, 2012

Hi Michael,

Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back with you, things have been so very hectic.

I believe the most memorable will be in Chengdu visiting the Panda Reserve. We arrived early when they were feeding and very active (thanks to our wonderful guide,Phoebe). We donated to the reserve and our boys were able to hold the (I believe about 10 month old) panda.

Who was the most outstanding tour guide? Why? Foster in Guilan! He was energetic, funny, and very informative. He made us feel very comfortable and we really enjoyed our time with him. Our son also took a liking to him a lot. But I would have to say Ada in Beijing and Phoebe in Chengdu were both wonderful as well. Honestly, we didn't care for Michelle in Xi'an. I believe she tried to pay child fares for our boys who were pretty tall and argued with the entrance people to the Terra Cotta Warriors, because they were pointing at how tall my boys were and that the price wasn't right. She told us to go on and she and the man continued to yell at each other. Very awkward!

Did the drivers provide a safe, comfortable experience? Yes, for most part they drove safely as can be and it was comfortable. They always provided us with water after an event.

Were the hotels & meals up to standard? Which did you enjoy most? We really didn't like the hotel in Beijing, but the location was good. The hotel in Xian, was really nice. The hotel in Chengdu was wonderful as well, although we were only there one night--would go back and stay longer. Didn't really like the hotel in Guilan. The breakfast was nice, and location was good. The employees I felt were rude and the pool closed early. The hotel rules were broke but many for example, no smoking, yet people were smoking, no smoking in elevator, but people were smoking in the elevator---yet no one said anything to them. The room was nice butI didn't feel as comfortable there as a foreigner.

Were the food, service and ships' facilities on the Yangtze River cruise satisfactory? Do you have any suggestions for the passengers in the future? Yes, the food was good and the service was nice. The views were spectacular. I spent most of my time outside, except to eat, so I would tell a future guest to enjoy spending as much time outside.

We are trying to add extra WOW factor to our tours. Was there anything on you tour (big or small) that made you go “WOW!”? The pandas, taking the time to go the extra time to Mutianyu where the Great Wall is less crowded.

Do you have any comments about your time in China, and do you have any special suggestions you'd like to pass on to other travelers? Money was a big issue so that would be something to pass on to others. We had brought cash with us but the hotels were being 'extremely picky' on accepting it. This was rather ridiculous. They were like, it's bent, it's faded, it has a hole that you couldn't see unless you had a magnifying glass---this is annoying to a traveler (especially when the bills are in a larger number like 100's or 500's for U.S. dollars).

Would you recommend our company to your friends? Yes, and already have. Hopefully they will come within the next year.

Was the Mobile or Wi-Fi rental convenient? How can it improve? It was okay. It wasn't in most rooms but in the lobby.

Can we publish your reviews online to benefit other travellers? Sure.

Only your first name & nationality is shown. E.g. Bob from USA Teresa from USA

Do you have any nice photos we could consider publishing? Yes

Thank you for all your work on making our trip to China fantastic.