Francis's Feedback on 12-Day China Tour

He has now planned our trip for this April and we are looking forward to an exciting time.All during these years he has been very professional, courteous, and timely in all his correspondence.I feel very comfortable with him and we trust him very much.
Client: (Male) Age: 60-75 Nationality: United States
Tour Date: April 18, 2013 - April 29, 2013  
FeedBack Date: March 11, 2013

Dear Steven Zhao,

I want to tell you that both my wife and I think very highly of Michael. He has been fantastic.

I started working with him in 2008 to plan a trip to China. We haven't been able to confirm a trip until this year. I am so pleased that he has kept in touch with me all this time.

He has now planned our trip for this April and we are looking forward to an exciting time.

All during these years he has been very professional, courteous, and timely in all his correspondence.

I feel very comfortable with him and we trust him very much.

I am sure you know how valuable Michael is to China Highlights but I just wanted to let you know how valuable he has been to us. He is the person who made it easy for us to decide on China Highlights over the other tour groups.

We will let you and Michael know how our trip went when we return home in May.

Kind Regards,

Francis (Skip)

Dear Michael,

Eva and I want to tell you that we think you and your company are the best. You provided the highest quality service to us as your customers. I can't tell enough how much we enjoyed our tour. It will be an adventure we will cherish forever. We will definitely spread the word that you are the person for anyone wanting to take a tour of China (or elsewhere).

Tell your supervisor for us that if all the tour guides are like you he has a very easy job. You are the best.

Below are our comments from your survey about our trip.

Exceeded expectation (Yes) Met expectation ( ) Did not meet expectation

1.What was the most memorable attraction(s) on the itinerary?

Of course the Great Wall, The Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors are great wonders of the world and they were on the top of the list. In addition to those attractions, we loved the Hutong tour in Beijing, the River Li cruise and the Guilin countryside drive. They gave us a close feeling of China and the Chinese people.

To us, the lunch restaurants were also an attraction. Every one was an excellent choice and gave us the real China experience.

2.Who was the most outstanding tour guide? Why?

We will always remember Alice since she was our first guide in China and we were with her the longest. All the tour guides were excellent except for a few issues we had with Beatrice in Guangzhou.

But the guide we will always remember is Mark in Guilin. At first meeting him we were unsure of him because he was not as personable as the other guides. He seemed to be more of a group guide. But after our tour with him, we realized that he left us with the best understanding of China and it’s history than any other guide. He really took care of us during our stay with him and went out of his way to tell us stories, point out things you would never think of and giving us memories we will never forget.

3.Did the drivers provide a safe, comfortable experience?

All the drivers were excellent. We would say the driver in Beijing was the best driver.

4.Were the hotels & meals up to standard? Which did you enjoy most?

The hotels exceeded our expectations. They were all first class. We enjoyed the spacious rooms and breakfast buffets, which were first-rate in every hotel. The Sofitel on Renmin Square in Xian and the Harbour Grand Kowloon in Hong Kong were at the top of the list.

5.We are trying to add extra WOW factor to our tours. Was there anything on you tour (big or small) that made you go “WOW!”?

One thing that I was hoping to get to see that would have been a WOW factor was the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall or Mao Mausoleum. Since he is one of the most famous people in the world it would have been a real wow factor to see his final resting place.

6.Do you have any comments about your time in China, and do you have any special suggestions you'd like to pass on to other travelers?

My wife was very apprehensive about taking a trip to China. After the trip she has been telling everyone she is so glad she went. It was a fantastic trip and of course it went by way too fast. We learned so much about the history of China, the Chinese people and the future of China. We especially got to see first hand how the economic revolution in China is changing China from the old to the new.

For other travelers we would recommend being prepared before you go. All you really need to do is read the China Highlights web site to get prepared. Additional reading and learning some Chinese could also be helpful. And for the women, make sure you know about the squat toilets. Make sure you have plenty of Kleenex pocket packs. Toilet paper is often hard to come by. Also have wipes or hand sanitizers. Then leave it to the guides and you will have the experience of a lifetime.

7.Would you recommend our company to your friends?

Absolutely. You company is one of the best companies we have ever been with. The customer service cannot be matched. The web site is the most comprehensive tour guide site we have seen.

8.Was the Mobile or Wi-Fi rental convenient? How can it improve?

It was nice to have the Mobile even though we never had to use it. Alice did put her number and Michael’s number in the phone when she gave us the phone. The other guides gave us their card – maybe they should put their number in the phone to help the client.