Gul's Feedback on 8-Day China Tour

Client: (Female) Ask Gul about her experience Age: 30-45 Nationality: Turkey
Tour Date: July 4, 2009 - July 11, 2009  
FeedBack Date: July 23, 2009

Dear Michael,

We are now safely backed home. We have returned with such a positive impression of China that we have been telling our friends all about it.

We were impressed not only with all the history but also the current economic development that we saw all around.

The Wall of China and the Terra Cotta Army come on top of the list. I would say the Terra Cotta Army is one of 100 places in the world one must see before one dies! We also thought that the TV tower in Shanghai offered a very interesting sight. The Forbidden City was also very impressive.

Each of our tour guide had a side that was different than the others.

Our first guide, Joy was very charming, cheerful. She always had things under control and she went out of her way to organize things that were not on our tour program, such as the Peking Opera. She did not leave us until we were safely in the Opera and made sure we got good seats, as the seats were not numbered. She was also a good guide in the city Adam.

Our tour guide in Shanghai was a very knowledgeable, smart and experienced person. He was also fun and cheerful and a very good organizer. Most of what we learnt about modern China, we learnt from him. Adam is a very intellectual person and it was a pleasure to discuss with him politics, economics, education and health systems etc about China and to compare the situation in our own countries.

Sally, our second tour guide was maybe not so well organized, but her knowledge on history was outstanding. She gave us a lot of important and interesting information about Chinese history, culture and religion. Xian has a lot to offer in terms of history and Sally was very well equipped in that respect.

The hotels and meals were all up to standard. The dumpling banquet in Xian was our favorite! Also, Joy took us to a hotpot restaurant the evening of the Opera which was not in the program, and we liked that very much! Maybe you can add that to your program.

Overall we had a very good, interesting, enriching and culinary trip. The trip was very well organized. I believe having a private tour guide made the trip richer and private transportation made it more efficient. I would especially recommend that.

Thank you for all your help in the organization of this wonderful tour. Our tour guides were the greatest asset of this trip. Without them and their explanations on the history, culture and current life in China, we would not have penetrated China or the Chinese culture and history so well.

All the best,