Esther's Feedback on 15-Day China Tour

Client: (Female) Ask Esther about her experience Age: 45-60 Nationality: Switzerland
Tour Date: October 10, 2009 - October 24, 2009  
FeedBack Date: November 2, 2009

Dear Karen

Thank you for everything. We had a wonderful trip through China and had had a very good time indeed. It was very nice meeting you in Guilin at your main office and talk to you personally for the fist time (face to face). You did a very good job organising the whole trip. The guides were always there on time, the drivers were all driving safely and the hotels were always ready with 1 twin and 1 king size rooms. If there were any delays in the flight schedules you were always aware of it and tried your best to solve the problem.

I really appreciated your organisation and help.Working as a travel agent myself years ago I do know what it means . Here i would like to give my comments in details.

The cooking  class was just such a wonderful 'Wow' experience with only about 11 people and a very nice special location. If there will be hundreds ..... like  on the cruise - it won't be so nice anymore. Same thing for the Panda keeper program, because it was only us & this gives you the feeling that it is really special ....... The hiking on the Great  Wall is great again, because you get to see the wall for a long time and with a very nice view ...... If there would be thousands of tourists again, it will be not the same anymore. We could definitely enjoy the Great Wall in a very peaceful and natural environment. The paper cutting as such was not really so impressed.... however it was very nice to talk to the friendly lady, asking her about her life in the hutongs and get to feel the real life - This was the 'Wow'-effect in this attraction to be able to get in touch with the local families living in the hutongs. If we have to rate these attractions - I would say 'Cooking Class' &  'Hiking on the Great Wall' were the best!!

We had two very outstanding tour guides. Lola in Guilin & Sandra in Beijing. The whole family took Lola right in their hearts. She was very flexible and explained a lot of things to us. The two girls also had a very good time with her .... probably because she was closest to them in age and they were talking together and exchanging thoughts and experiences like friends. Sandra was as well very flexible and had a broad knowledge about all the sights we visited and gave us always very good information about the places we were visiting but also general information which was very usefull in Beijing.

The hotels we enjoyed most were the Hotel Renaissance in Shanghai and the hotel Crown Plaza in Beijing. Both of them were western 5 star hotels with very comfortable beds, good service and a broad variety of western and eastern dishes at the breakfast buffet. The location of the Crown Plaza hotel was excellent and the Swimming Pool of the hotel Renaissance had an amazing view over the old city of Shanghai. About the most outstanding meal - it was definitely the self prepared dinner during our 'Cooking Class' because the whole thing was fun,  really 'Wow' and we definitely had a very good time and all the meals were of course super fresh and very delicious!!!

Almost everything we did was not to be missed for us but this is very individual ..... If you like cooking the 'Cooking Class' is not to be missed .... if you like hiking the 'Hiking on the Great Wall is not to be missed ..... Hopefully we will have another opportunity to travel to China. As it is such a huge country with a long and diverse histiory.

Best wishes,