Trine's Feedback on 5-Day China Tour

Client: (Male) Ask Trine about his experience Age: 30-45 Nationality: Denmark
Tour Date: July 23, 2010 - July 27, 2010  
FeedBack Date: August 18, 2010

Dear Coco,

Huang Shan was the most memorable attraction I visited.

Jessica was the most most outstanding tour guide She was very kind and fun and gave my alot of good informations. She has a high level of service.  I did not feel unsafe at any time.

 The hotel in Suzsho was very very good. The breakfast was very good! The hotel in Tuxin was also very nice but the breakfast was not fresh.
At both the hotel in Suzsho and Tuxin were the service exelent.The hotel at the Yellow mountain was okay but next time will I prefere an other hotel or standard.

I realy liked the teater show in Tuxin! And I think you should recommend it to others.

I will  certainly recommend your company to my friends or colleagues. And if i come back will I certainly book my trip by you. China is a very difficult country to travel in without a travel agency especially in the high season...there is no good hotels, there is no train tickets, noone speak english or seems to want to help. Taxis do not want to take my with them...all in all is it very difficult to be a turist in China. Alway have the adress in Chinese if you are going by taxi.

In general could it be very nice if the company were working with environmental and social issues. Like try to have the moste eco-friendly cars, use eco-friendly hotels and etc. I am working for Deloitte with advising companies on environmental and social work and planning. You are always welcome to contact me for advice.