Sarah's Feedback on 11-Day China Tour

I know our experience in Beijing was so good because both Jeff Mr. Ai were able to make us feel very relaxed and safe, so we were able to really focus concentrate on the beautiful sites.
Client: Ask Sarah about her/his experience Age: Unknown Nationality: United States
Tour Date: October 31, 2010 - November 10, 2010  
FeedBack Date: November 16, 2010

Dear Coco & China Highlights staff,

Well, I just got home last night and went to sleep in my own bed for over 12 hours!  What a wonderful trip it was - visiting your beautiful country of China!Thank you so much for all your help and service during our entire time in Beijing & Xian.Our guides were just wonderful!! Jeff, in Beijing, was prompt, clever & fun while giving us a great tour of Beijing and the Great Wall. He spoke English so well and he was eager to answer all our questions.  He helped take video pictures of me my two daughters together at important sites, which was so fun!  He helped us order delicious food and took us to great shopping places. Our excellent driver in Beijing, Mr. Ai (?) was such a gentleman.  He would appear out of the crazy traffic to pick us up like magic where ever we were!And his van was very clean and comfortable (with lots of bottled water :)I know our experience in Beijing was so good because both Jeff Mr. Ai were able to make us feel very relaxed and safe, so we were able to really focus concentrate on the beautiful sites. Beijing was much lovelier than I expected -many tree-lined boulevards and parks.The weather was gorgeous -clear, cool and so sunny! The Red Wall was very international with travelers from all over the world eating breakfast with us - very fun!The rooms were standard, not deluxe, but we were very comfortable.  We loved the location near the Forbidden City and the great little street for eating and shopping nearby.  Needless to say, all the incredible ancient sites we visited were SO beautiful - seeing the actual places I've been trying to teach 7th grade American students about for twenty years was a dream come true!

Our trip to Xian went very well - my daughters I loved having our own sleeping compartment with all 4 beds for privacy. Our kind and considerate guide Shannon was right there waiting for us in the busy train station, and took us right thru the busy morning bustle to our nice van with safe driver Mr. Bao(?sp.)  We were surprised how big busy Xian was, and being with Shannon & Mr. Bao was very comforting.  Our hotel was excellent (deluxe, not standard) and we felt very comfortable staying there (great shower!)  Shannon was so sweet and attentive, making sure we had everything we needed.  She gave us excellent information about each amazing place we visited, and helped us order our food well.  I'm afraid I did get sick on Nov. 4th thru 6th, but I was in such a nice hotel, with my daughters and Shannon taking care of me that I was able to recover quickly and still make it to all the sites I had to see!  My daughters have been living and eating in S. Korea for over a year, and were not jet lagged - so they felt fine.  Our last day in Xian, we rode bikes around the ancient city wall (I rode on the back of a double bike with my daughters taking turns pedaling in front :)  One thing you might check in the future is that on our trip back on the train, one of our ticket/beds were in the next compartment (not 4 together,) but we were able to switch things around (a very nice Chinese woman switched into the other compartment with 3 European women - who were not very happy to be losing their 'free' empty bed!) But it all worked out, and I think it was the train ticket office that made the mistake, not China Highlights!

Please know that all our guides and drivers were excellent and we recommend them highly. I think the total cost for the China Highlights tour was an amazing deal!!Thank you so much.  The last few days we spent in Beijing without a guide went just great too, because Jeff had helped us to get to know the layout of the city, and he taught us key words & phrases to use in ordering & shopping :)  Then we so enjoyed seeing him again on our last day when he picked us up at the hotel to take us to the airport!Thank you all so much for making my journey to China so awesome.I will highly recommend China Highlights to all my family friends in the future!



Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.