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The ancient city of Fenghuang is located in the southwestern part of Hunan Province and covers an area of about 10 square kilometers. It consists of 28 ethnic groups including the Miao, Han, and Tujia. It is a typical ethnic minority area.

Fenghuang's Location Map

fenghuang map

Hunan Province Map

Hunan Province is located in the middle of China and in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River. Because most of the area is located south of Dongting Lake, it was named "Hunan" ('Lake-South').

Hunan has been planted with hibiscus plants since ancient times, so it is also known as “Furong Country”. It covers an area of 21.18 million square kilometers, being 2.2% of the country's land area, ranking 10th among the provinces and municipalities. The total population of the province is over 68 million. It takes about 3 hours to fly from Hunan to Beijing.

hunan province map

Fenghuang Tourist Attraction Map

Fenghuang Ancient City is a national historical and cultural city, being in the first batch of China's strong tourism counties and one of the national AAAA-level scenic spots. Its famous attractions include Shenfeng Cultural Scenic Area, Tianjia Temple, Shen Congwen Cemetery, and the Lijiang River Hanging House.

Map of the Region

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