Guilin Festivals

See below the most popular Guilin Festivals:

Guilin Festivals and Events List

Longji Terraced Fields Plowing Festival

May. 2 

People from Longji Ancient Zhuang Village in Longsheng County hold Longji Terraced Fields Plowing Festival to coincide with the busy Labor Day holiday on May 2. The villagers begin to plough their fields on the mountainsides in this period, providing many a photo opportunity.

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Ziyuan Traditional Ethnic River Lantern Song Festival


Ziyuan Traditional Ethnic River Lantern Song Festival has continued since the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912). Recently, it has become a festival full of traditional characteristics and modern activities. It is a great opportunity to experience the distinctive Miao and Yao ethnic cultures.

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Dong Nationality Fireworks Festival

Apr. 18 

As a multi-ethnic region, there are various ethnic festivals in Guangxi. Dong Ethnicity Fireworks Festival is one of them. It is the most important and largest festival of the Dong people, and is also called “The Chinese Carnival of the Dong”.

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Jin Feng Festival

Mar. 7 

To express thankfulness to the Yao people’s god, Jin Feng Festival is held every year in Miaoping village, near Longsheng. You can see local people in their traditional costumes, eat tasty local food, and best experience Miaoping’s Yao ethnic culture during the festival.

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Zhuang Nationality Song Festival

Apr. 18 

Zhuang Ethnicity Song Festival is celebrated by the Zhuang minority. They gather in Guilin to sing songs together. Various traditional events like the Zhuang people’s costume, singing, and dancing competitions, and delicious food attract millions of tourists.

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Yao Nationality Longsheng Red Clothes Festival


From the Yuan Dynasty (1279–1368), Yao people in Longsheng, Guilin, have celebrated their Red Clothes Festival annually. During the festival, Yao girls wear their traditional hand-made red clothes. That’s why the Longsheng Yao people are called the Red Yao.

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Zhuang Nationality Cattle Festival

May. 22 

Guangxi, the Zhuang autonomous region, has various Zhuang ethnic festivals. Zhuang Cattle Festival is most interesting one. In order to celebrate the birthday of the God of Cattle, some Zhuang people give a holiday to all of their cattle.

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Ziyuan Water Lantern and Song Festival

Aug. 13 to Aug. 14

Held in Ziyuan County, Ziyuan Water Lantern and Song Festival is popular among tourists for a day tour. You can take part in many fun activities: making water lanterns, floating water lanterns, watching the folk song competition, etc.

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Yangshuo Climbing Festival 2018

Nov. 9 

Beginners taster climbing at Gold Cat Cave The Yangshuo Climbing Festival is held annually on a weekend in August/September/October/November (Nov. 9-11, 2018). Hundreds of people from all over ... Read more