Hangzhou Festivals

Several of Hangzhou’s festivals and events are centered around West Lake, like the International Tourism Festival, Fireworks Festival, Osmanthus Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival Evening Party and West Lake Expo.

There is also the Tidal Bore Festival in September, when visitors come to see the world’s largest tidal wave.

Our Hangzhou tours can be easily adapted to take in a festival or event in the prosperous imperial retreat of Hangzhou.

Hangzhou Festivals and Events List

Hangzhou Dragon Boat Festival 2019


Video about "Dragon Boat Festival" watch more videos » Hangzhou Xixi International Dragon Boat Race is held annually on Dragon Boat Festival (7 Jun, 2019). Click the link for other years' date... Read more

3 Best Places to Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival in Hangzhou

Sep. 13 to Sep. 15

At Mid-Autumn it is a traditional activity to find a good place to admire the full moon. Here are the three best places to admire the full moon in Hangzhou. 1. Three Pools Mirroring the Moon (三潭印... Read more