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Polo Birth Festival Temple Fair

  • Celebrated: Mar. 17 to Mar. 19
  • Location: Guangzhou

Polo-birth Festival temple fair, as one of the largest folk fairs, has a history of more than 1,000 years. There is a popular saying the priority of one’s life is to have a tour in the Polo temple fair; and the second is to find a wife. Polo as a kind of folk craft is actually a chicken, made of paper. In the temple fair, everyone will buy a Polo. 

According to legends, Polo is a magical chicken. There is one Polo in every 100,000, crowing like a real chick in the morning. Whoever buys the magic Polo will have a big fortune in the future. Polo comes from a folk tale; long time ago, an old lady lived near the Polo Temple and she had a very beautiful rooster, which can crow very loud. 

A local moneybag would like to buy the rooster with a high price. But the old lady refused because she loved the rooster very much. The moneybag therefore sent his servant to steal it, but after stolen, the rooster has never crowed. The moneybag got angry and killed the rooster. The old lady was very sad and picked up all the feathers and put them on a chicken made of paper. The next day, the papered chicken unexpectedly crowed. The lady was very happy and made many paper chickens to sell in the temple fair. And the tradition has thus been handed down.