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Shanghai Longhua Temple Fair

  • Celebrated: Apr. 18
  • Location: Shanghai

Shanghai Longhua Temple Fair is the largest traditional temple fair in Shanghai. It has a long history, and is held ceremoniously on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of Chinese calendar. It has now become a typical modern tourist attraction in Shanghai, integrating natural landscape, ancient architecture, commodities for sale, folk-customs, cultural characteristics, folk entertainments, snacks, and religious activities.

Longhua Temple, one of the largest Buddhist sites in Shanghai, is where the fair takes place. On the "temple street" business markets surround famous temples containing profound traditional culture. It stretches from Maogong Bridge on Longhua Road to the intersection of Zhongshan Road and Tianyao Bridge Road.

During the fair tourists from China and abroad have an opportunity to taste the famous Longhua vegetarian dishes, and can take part in one---day tour activities held by the locals.

At night tourists can take part in the welcoming ceremony held at the front square of Longhua Temple with dancing and singing, and visit the Sutra Hall (Cangjinglou).

You can learn martial arts in the morning, go shopping in the "temple s treet", taste local- flavor snacks, and watch artistic performances.

International Calendar Date


Chinese calendar: month 3, day 3


April 12


April 2


April 21


April 9


March 30


April 18


April 7


March 26


April 14


April 3


  • By bus: Take bus 41, 44, 733, 734, 864, 809 or 933 and get off at Longhua Station.
  • By subway: Take Subway Line 3 and get off at Longcao Road Station. From Exit 1 walk east 15 minutes to the temple