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Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival

  • Celebrated: March
  • Location: Shanghai

Since 1991, Shanghai has had a peach blossom festival during March and April in the big Nanhui District. This festival combines enjoying the peach trees with appreciating Chinese culture. So along with enjoying the hundreds of peach trees in the area, you can also listen to traditional Chinese music played by ethnic folk musicians and watch dancers. There is a recently developed park you can see there that is called the Chengbei Folk Peach Orchard. You can enjoy some Chinese cuisine in the restaurants and buy peach products in the shops. The Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival is held from March 25 to April 11 in 2011.

A funny part of the festival is watching the pigs. There are pig events such as pig races, pigs diving, and etc. The pig events are one of the entertainments at the festival. Acrobats entertain as well. You can also have picnics and go to the fish ponds. During the festival time, many local farmers and residents open up their homes so that visitors can enjoy playing with fish nets or agricultural implements and have a meal. The Nanhui District is a coastal district that was traditionally agricultural, but now also hosts the peach blossom festival every year

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