Shanghai Festivals

The modern, fast-paced, cosmopolitan city that is Shanghai, is also an ideal city to get a colorful view into traditional Chinese festivals and events. Old Shanghai and traditional Chinese culture thrive beneath the modern and impressive high rises of the city. Traditional festivals are celebrated hand in hand with modern or Western festivals such as Christmas or Halloween.

See the full list of all Shanghai festivals we have covered below or see our introductions to the recommended Top 8 Shanghai Festivals.

Shanghai Festivals and Events List

The 7 Best Places to Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in Shanghai

Oct. 1 

If you happen to be in Shanghai, or are planning to visit Shanghai during Mid-Autumn Festival, you shouldn’t miss these seven places to experience the unique local customs of Shanghai.

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Christmas in Shanghai 2020- Markets, Meals, Bars, Churches

Dec. 25 

Christmas is more and more popular in China. Young people in Shanghai celebrate Christmas mostly as a festival to get together with their partners or friends. This article has listed the most favored events at markets, restaurants and bars in Shanghai at Christmas as well as churches.

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Chinese New Year 2020 in Shanghai

Jan. 24 to Jan. 30

Chinese New Year (falling in January/February) is the most important festival for Chinese, and a good chance for foreigners to get first-hand experience of traditional Chinese culture. Shanghai has its own distinctive activities during Chinese New Year.

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The Shanghai International Music Festival


Founded in 2001, the Shanghai International Music Festival is a combination of the Shanghai International Radio Music Festival and the Shanghai Spring International Music Festival, packed with various kinds of music.

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Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival

Mar. 20 to Apr. 16

During Shanghai Peach Blossom Festival, held in March and April, visitors can enjoy beautiful peach blossom and Chinese culture at the same time. Many ethnic folk musicians perform traditional Chinese music plays in a park called Chengbei Folk Peach Orchard.

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Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival


Shanghai International Music Fireworks Festival is held on National Day (October 1) annually in Shanghai Century Park, displaying a gorgeous musical fireworks show Shanghai-style. It brings not only visual, but also audio enjoyment.

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Shanghai Longhua Temple Fair

Apr. 18 

The largest traditional temple fair in Shanghai, Longhua Temple Fair, attracts visitors with its old architecture, unique folk-customs, folk entertainments, snacks, and religious activities. It’s on the third day of the third month of the lunar calendar.

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