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Yangshuo Climbing Festival

  • Celebrated: September
  • Location: Guilin
Yangshuo Rock Climbing Yangshuo Climbing Festival

The Yangshuo Climbing Festival is held annually on a weekend in September/October/November. Hundreds of people from all over the world are attracted by the festival because Yangshuo boasts a famous and well-exploited karst landscape, and is considered as a "paradise for climbing".

Taking Part

The admission fee varies. Half of the admission fee goes to the Yangshuo climbing fund for bolting new routes and route maintenance.

As associated media of the festival, China Highlights offers free register service. We also offer climbing festival activities and tour package with discount hotel, air tickets, guide and driver service. If you have any questions about the festival or want to book a tour including climbing, please contact us.

Festival participants will receive a gift package with T-shirt and some other goodies from festival sponsors. For more information, please visit http://rockclimbing.cn/.

Activities for Different Levels

  • Climbing courses, and climbing tasters for beginners
  • Bouldering and a treasure hunt for middle-level climbers and above
  • Onsight, bouldering, dyno comp., for experienced climbers
  • Slackline experience, show, and challenge.

About the Organizer

Alex (何凌轩 He Lingxuan /her ling-sshwen/) was born in Guilin in 1981. He started to learn climbing from a Canadian in 2001, and took part in the China Climbing Championship in the following year. He bolted some routes in Yangshuo with foreign climbers and reached the grade of 5.13. His climbing outfit was established in 2002 and organized the first Yangshuo Climbing Festival in 2008.

As an expert, Alex got authorization from UIAA (Union International Alpine Associations). On May 18th, 2003, French "Spiderman" Jean-Michel Casanova climbed the Bailong Elevator in China with no help from any machinery, safety net, or safety equipment. Alex was invited to design a rescue plan for the crag, and commentated on a live TV show.

Some 2014 Climbing Competitors

James Kassay (Australian, 2013 Bouldering Comp. winner)

"I started climbing when I was 10 years old, and ever since that very first time my life has never been the same. For me, climbing is more than just a pastime activity; climbing is my life. In the last 18 years I have represented Australia proudly 17 times and have completed some of the world’s hardest boulder problems, including making the first ascent of The Wheel Of Life Direct V16." — Self Intro (2013).

Zhong Qixin 钟齐鑫 /jong chee-sshin/ (Chinese, 2013 Bouldering No. 2)

  • Six-time world speed climbing record holder, and all time best in his category
  • He is 4 times winner of the world championships and has broken world records many times.
  • In 2012 he won the Chinese national climbing championship in the speed category, and ranked number one overall.
  • He is one of the biggest stars in Chinese climbing, and is known for making China a top country in the competitive climbing world.

2014 Men's bouldering result: 1. James Kassay, 2. Ma Zida (马自达 China), 3. Brendan Mitchel (U.S.)

2014 Women's bouldering result: 1. Zhang Baosui (Taiwan), 2. Shuai Lingling (Chengdu), 3. Kate ? (U.S.)

2014 Yangshuo Climbing Festival Activities

yangshuo climbing festival schedule

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