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The Baishui Waterfall - China's Victoria Falls

For tourists to mainland China who are interested in seeing breath-taking sites and waterfalls, the Baishui Village Waterfall of Zengcheng is definitely a destination to keep in mind.

China's Greatest Waterfall

The Baishui Waterfall, fed by the Zengjiang River, is technically the tallest waterfall in terms of elevation length in all of China. The entire drop change measures approximately 428.5 meters from top to bottom. Because of this distance, the force with which the water reaches the bottom creates a constant din of splashing noise as well as a mist cloud that surrounds the general area.

Walking Paths

The waterfall resort itself maintains a walking path along the route of the water supply and the falls, crossing a distance of over 6.5 kilometers. Along the way visitors will be met with multiple mountains as well as two different lakes formed by the water flow.

Visiting Tips

Tourists should be in relatively good health as many of the paths transition via stairs to higher or lower elevations. As a result, there’s a lot of walking and climbing involved. The paths are not adapted in any manner for the disabled.

Best Visiting Times

The late spring and summer are the best times to visit the Baishui Waterfall. Winter and late fall can be fairly cold in the area, which can be uncomfortable.

Costs and Fees

The cost to enter the waterfall-specific area for view will cost approximately 45 RMB per person, so tourists should bring sufficient funds with them to pay the related fees.

Travel by Car and Lodging

Situated in Zengcheng, which is located in the south eastern part of China just slightly north of Hong Kong, the waterfalls can be reached by car which tends to be the most common day travel method to the destination. Alternatively, for those who want to stay the day, lodging in Baishui Village itself is an option as well.

Travel Via Public Transit

Tourists who are unable to secure a car can travel to the location by bus. First, the tourist needs to get to Guangzhou. From there, he needs to take a daily bus to Zengcheng which will cost approximately 21 yuan.

At Zengcheng Guangming Xi bus station look for the bus to Baishuizhai Village. From there you can then walk to the waterfall resort.