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Fujian, located on the southeast coast of China and with the provincial capital of Fuzhou, has a total area of 124,000 square kilometers. Fujian's forest coverage has reached 65.95%, ranking first in the country.

The coastline of Fujian ranks second in the country. It takes about 2½ hours to fly from Fujian to Beijing.

Fujian Location Map

Fujian location map

Fujian Attractions Map

The geographical characteristics of Fujian are defined by the mountains and the sea, which have created Fujian's rich tourist resources.

In addition to the natural scenery of Haitan Island, Gulang Island, Mount Wuyi, Taining, Mount Qingyuan, Baishuiyang, and Tai Grandpa Mountain, other attractions include Fuzhou West Lake Park, the Yongding Earth Buildings, South Putuo Temple, and other cultural landscapes.

Fujian Attractions Map

Fujian Province Map

Fujian province map

Fujian City Maps

Fujian Map