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Fuzhou National Forest Park


Fuzhou National Forest Park, used to be called Fuzhou wood park before the year 1993, was built in February, 1960. The highest hill in the park is 643 meters tall. There are more than 2500 kinds of trees from China and other countries, such as ceiba, lombardy poplar, araucaria, camphor, Chinese pine, ginkgo, metasequoia, etc.

In the park, there are various kinds of rare plants under State protection (category II), such as  metasequoia, the so-called live fossil, the world famous Chinese dove tree and parashorea cathayensis, the rare "giant in the forest". Besides, you can also see golden camellia, the so-called "the queen of tea" , which was just discovered in 1960, and spinulose tree fern, the oldest live fossil and the relic of ancient forest, and "the king of trees"--Taiwania flousiana, one of the largest trees in the world.

The park is divided by Longtan brook into two parts. One is a tree viewing area that include cycad garden, palm garden, rare plant garden, tree viewing garden, potted landscape garden and banian garden; the other is a culture landscape area that include post road of Song Dynasty (960-1279 A.D.), the tomb of Liu Bingxin in Qing Dynasty (1644-1911 A.D.) and Zhengxin temple.

The king of banian
It is an ancient banian on the north bank of Bayi reservoir. Rumours goes that the tree was planted by Zhang Boyu, an official of Fuzhou in the Northern Song (960-1127 A.D.). So the tree has thousands of years of history, and now it is one of the four tree kings in Fuzhou (the rest tree kings are the king of Japan cedar at Drum hill, the king of camphor at Wuyi road and the king of China fir on Cangshan mountain)


Iit is a 4A-level scenic spot, the first national forest park in Fujian Province, and one of the ten largest forest park.


 At Chiqiao village of Xindian town in the north suburb of Fuzhou city.


From Huarong square at Nanmen, you can get there directly by bus No.45, the special travelling line, or you can take bus No. 802, 54, 947. The bus No.945 can take you to the front gate of the park and bus No. 811 takes you to the south gate of the park.