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Hualin Temple


Hualin Temple has more than 1000 years of history ( it was firstly built in 964 A.D.). It is considered as a unique architecture. According to some Chinese and Japanese experts, the temple exerted great influence to the Japanese architecture at the end of the 12th century. So, the temple is also seen as an important symbol of Sino-Japanese cultural communication.

The main hall is especially unique. It is 15.5 meters high, covering 574 square meters. The whole hall is supported by 18 columns without using even one iron nail. The four eaves of the main hall and the top of columns are all supported by the bracket set, presenting the classic architecture style in Tang (618-907 A.D.) and Song Dynasty (960-1279A.D.)

The firm frame supported the main hall for a thousand years, and is still completely kept. Though the hall was restored twice in Ming and Qing Dynasty, the main parts are still the original ones.


 As the oldest wooden architecture in south China, it is one of the important historical monuments under special preservation.


 At the north of Gulou district, in the south of Pingshan mountain.


You can arrive at Pingshan station by bus No. 802, 905, 729 and 19.