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 Fuzhou History

Fuzhou History

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Feb. 8, 2021
FuzhouLin Zexu, a famous national hero

The city of Fuzhou is famous for its long history. It was built over 2200 years ago. As early as Neolithic period, the people created Keqiutou culture and Xianshishan culture. In 202 B.C, the descedant of Goujian, the king of Yue kingdom, was appointed as the king, so he started to build the city. In 725 A.D, the city was named Fuzhou, because in the northwest of region stands a mountain, people in the ancient times think the mountain can bring them good luck, in Chinese good luck is pronounced as "Fu", and "zhou" means region, so people named the region Fuzhou.

During 901 A.D and 908 A.D, the king Wang Shenzhi expanded the city, taking Yu hill, Wu hill and Ping hill into the border, thus the city is also called Three Hills. In Northern Song Dynasty (960A.D~1127A.D), an official named Zhang Boyu advised people to plant banyan trees so that in summer, the whole city was covered in the shadow of banyan trees, since then on, Fuzhou was reputated as "the city of banyan"

In Yuan Dynasty (1271A.D~1368A.D), Fujian Administrative Institution was set up at Fuzhou, since then, the city became the capital of Fujian Province. At the end of Ming Dynasty (1368A.D~1644A.D), Zhu Yujian proclaimed himself emperor after settling down here, and named Fuzhou as Fujing. In Qing Dynasty (1644A.D~1911A.D), Fuzhou was officially set up as the provincial capital.

On November 20th, 1933, general Cai Tingkai launched the famous "Fujian Incident", and based the government at Fuzhou. In 1946, Fuzhou was officially set up as a city. On August 17th, 1949, when the city of Fuzhou was liberated, it became the capital of Fujian Province.

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