Fuzhou Muslim Restaurants

Fuzhou Muslim Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated May. 17, 2021

Jin’an District


Named after a well-known beauty of Uygur, the taste of the halal food served by the restaurant is as attractive as the girl’s beauty. For nearly ten years, the restaurant has been improving the quality of its food, environment and service, so now it can offer more kinds of food, a cleaner environment and a better service.

Gulou District

Dream Back to Loulan

The restaurant primarily serves various kinds of typical Muslim food. Besides the complete menu, its decoration is also unique. The handmade wool carpet hung on the screen, the red blanket beside the window, and the grape trellis on the ceiling make the restaurant exotic and impressive. It deserves a logo outside the door which reads, “Going back to Loulan is no longer a dream in here”.

Taijiang District

Muqam Xinjiang Flavor Restaurant

It’s no doubt that the halal food of the restaurant is authentic, for it’s run by a family from Xinjiang. Besides its delicious and varying food, the service it offers is also excellent. The boss is even open to suggestions from customers to improve his food and service.

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