Fuzhou  Vegetarian Restaurants

Fuzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Gulou District

1. Merit-accumulating Vegetarian Restaurant Beihuanzhong Road Branch

The quiet and peaceful restaurant provides open-air tables and chairs. Even the exquisite dinnerware there can delight your eyes. The boiled glutinous rice balls in fermented glutinous rice have been added to sweet-scented osmanthus, making them taste pretty delicious. Many dishes are made to resemble real meat or fish. The price may be a bit too expensive for many people. However, occasional visits will enable you to have a taste of what has just become available in the season.

Merit-accumulating Vegetarian Restaurant Shi Ti Branch 积善斋(市体店)

2. Aromatic Vegetarian Restaurant

Rarely can you find such a quiet and peaceful place in the downtown area. Many dishes are novel and original; it’s difficult for you to know how they are made. With a peculiar taste, much of the food is exceedingly delicious. What’s more, the price is reasonable. The dish known as "aubergines frites with a fish taste" is especially recommended.

3. Tea Art Vegetarian Restaurant in the Lotus Pavilion

With poetic and pictorial splendor, the restaurant is an excellent place for you to dine, to have tea or to chat with your relatives and friends; it is near the lake, which looks pretty quiet and peaceful, and is pleasant to your eyes and mind. A good environment should be collocated with delicious food. Many dishes have a delicate appearance and are a great delicacy. Just by tasting the food there, you can’t distinguish between vegetarian food or meat and fish. However, you can be rest assured that the meat-like or fish-like dishes are actually made from vegetarian ingredients.

Jin’an District

Shijin Zhai Vegetarian Restaurant

The meat-like or fish-like dishes are of great verisimilitude, and the taste is not inferior to that of real meat or fish at all. The environment is clean, tidy and generous. Though the fitments are simple, the restaurant is elegant. Compared with the heavy traffic on the street, the restaurant really is a place that can keep quiet in a noisy neighborhood. The price of the food may be a bit high, but the food is really worth the price.

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