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Golmud has been thrown into the travelers' limelight by the opening of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. Golmud is the starting place of the scenic train trip to Tibet, and most travelers use the city as a jumping-off point to Tibet. If your schedule allows you to spend some time in the city, see below for the most interesting sights to visit.

Most Popular Golmud Attractions

Chaerhan Salt Lake

Location: The Chaerhan Salt Lake is located 60 kilometers away from the northern Golmud city, more than 110 kilometers away from the southern Chaidamu. Characteristic:  The Chaerhan Salt Lake is..

Suonandajie Protection Station

The Suonandajie Protection Station is located at 2,952 kilometers away from the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, which is in the east side of the Kekexili. It is 220 kilometers away from Golmud and 50 kilometers away f..

The Wangzhang Salt Bridge

Location: The Wanzhang Salt Bridge is located on the top of the Chaerhan Salt Lake. It is about 60 kilometers south of Golmud. Characteristic: The Wanzhang Salt Bridge is a unique bridge in the world..