Guangzhou Restaurants

Guangzhou Restaurants

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Guangdong province is the home of world famous Cantonese Cuisine. It is the style of Chinese food served in most Chinese restaurants around the world. It is one of China's eight most famous cuisines, and you can find thousands of Cantonese restaurants here.

Cantonese Food Restaurants


Cantonese Dessert

Bingsheng Pinwei

It is an old Cantonese restaurant, and the quality and quantity of the food has always been ensured. No matter whether it is cold dishes, fried food or soup, they use selected materials. The environment here has a sense of old South.

Dongxiao Home Branch

Tianhe Branch

Wufeng Branch

Daoxiang Restaurant

Guangzhou Food

It is another restaurant in Guangzhou where one often has to wait for a seat. People usually go there to yum cha. Although the dim sum there is more expensive than at other restaurants, it is varied, tasty, and fresh. The standard of cooking and hot pot is also quite good. The environment is great and noble.

Wuxi Tea Restaurant

Pineapple Bread

It is an authentic Hong-Kong-style tea restaurant. No matter about the different environment, the food has a heavy Hong-Kong flavor.

Big Brother Restaurant


It has a Hong-Kong-marketplace-style environment, the latest fashion magazines, and high-quality service. Even the standard of the food is similar to in Hong Kong. The milk tea here is creamy and classic. It is just as its slogan says "the canteen for successful people."

Western Restaurants

Taipingguan Western Restaurant

Roast Duck

An old Western restaurant of Guangzhou, it won a great reputation due to the patronage of Premier Zhou Enlai. The environment is elegant and low-key, very nostalgic. Quite a special menu, combining Eastern and Western dishes very well. Premier Set Meal and the Wife of Premier Set Meal are worth a try, and the price is acceptable. It is a good place for couples to have a romantic diner.

Jardin D'Olive

A restaurant specializing in French countryside cuisine, Jardin D’Olive has an open-air garden surrounded by greenery. The environment is elegant and exotic. They have very typical French food. The appetizer is a little expensive, but quite distinctive. We strongly recommend authentic French taste pizza.

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Burton Western Restaurant

A combined Western and Chinese food restaurant. The layout and the environment are comfortable and elegant. There are piano performances and singing in the evening, which is very romantic. The foods are tasty and various with Chinese, Western, Thai, etc. cuisines The price is not expensive.

Muslin Restaurants

Brother Muslim Restaurant

This Muslim restaurant has a deep sense of Xinjiang local customs and folk music. With well-cooked ingredients derived from natural plants, the meat is particularly tender and delicious. Mutton can prevent colds, warm the body and increase health. If you want to learn the food culture of the Uygur, and enjoy Uygur and Turkey flavors, do not miss Brother Muslim Restaurant.

Xinyue Muslim Restaurant

Find braised chicken with potato and green pepper that tastes like it does in Xinjiang, yogurt produced by the restaurant itself, and the most unique feature: the Xinjiang song and dance performance! The beautiful Uyghur girls and handsome Uyghur boys perform while you eat. Well-cooked West China cuisine will satisfy your Xinjiang food appetite!

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Vegetarian Restaurants

Suchengzhai Vegetarian Hall

Vegetarian restaurants are few in Guangzhou. Suchengzhai is appraised by connoisseurs as probably the most expensive vegetarian restaurant in Guangzhou. Located in the most bustling central business district, Suchengzhai looks elegant and transcendent, and produces the most delicious vegetarian dishes.

Xinyi Sushi

Xinyi Sushi is a fashionable vegetarian restaurant located on Linhe West Road. The restaurant is small in size and the decorations are antique. The food here is original and tasty, bland but not tasteless. It supplies business set meals at lunchtime. The food is sufficient in quantity. The price is not expensive. It is a quiet place, good for friends to enjoy delicious a vegetarian diet influenced by Buddhist culture.


The food, the environment, and the service here are quite good. The birdcage design is amazing; you can talk freely in your own space. Noodles is their major food, smooth and chewy. The soup is especially delicious. The spareribs are highly recommended, beautiful and tasty.


It is one of the top Sichuan restaurants in Guangzhou. The dishes have been customized, but still have a strong Sichuan flavor. The hot pot is delicious, and sufficient in quantity. The restaurant is clean, and has a lot of guests. If you like spicy food, don’t miss it.


Yumiku is a place worthy of experincing. Its motive is not luxury, but the unconventional mind. The Sichuan dishes there are authentic; the menu is written by the boss with beautiful handwriting. The most interesting thing there is that no pre-booked meals are accepted. The menu is changing with fresh material everyday. The enthusiastic boss will select a table of delicious dishes for you according to your taste.

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