Guangzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

Guangzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Yuexiu District

1. Bodhi Amrita Restaurant

Chinese Vegetarian Soup

The dishes made by the restaurant have retained the essence of traditional vegetarian dishes, as well as having the style of fashionable dishes. Good in color, smell and taste, the dishes are also incredibly fresh and nutritious. It is said that all of the ingredients are from natural plants, without any coloring matters or preservatives. The restaurant has more than 300 dishes and over 80 kinds of buffets and vegetarian takeaway foods.

2. Big Buddha Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

This is a restaurant that emphasizes the atmosphere of Buddhism. You will find the staff members there bareheaded and dressed as monks, seeming like real monks in temples. Also, every time you order some dishes, they will say, “Amitabha!” And when you pay the bill they will say, “You have cultivated merits and virtues”. In addition, the appearance of the dishes looks very nice and will easily arouse one’s appetite. And the dishes may even have the same flavors as meat or fish. The only drawback is that some of the dishes are too oily.

Liwan District

1. Buddha Predestined Vegetarian Restaurant

The vegetarian dishes there are made pretty exquisitely and are of great verisimilitude. Both the boss and the staff members there embody fairly nice attitudes. The dishes are a bit expensive, but occasional patronization can make you feel temporarily secluded from the rip-roaring city life.

2. Xilai Youyuan Vegetarian Restaurant

Being meat-like or fish-like, being nourishing and being characteristic of Zen, are the three themes of the vegetarian food served in the restaurant. With a quiet and peaceful environment, the restaurant can make you feel calm. Usually the food portions are sufficient enough for one to eat his or her fill.

Haizhu District

1. Fountain of Life

The restaurant mainly serves healthy vegetarian food. The environment shows a style of pastoralism, the color of reseda being the main key. And an atmosphere of Buddhism is all around the restaurant. All of these give people a sense of feeling refreshed and relaxed. In addition, the restaurant gives away books and discs on Buddhist sutras when you are leaving. The price may be a bit high and some dishes’ serving speed may be a little slow. A tip you should keep in mind is that on the first day or fifteenth day of every lunar month, the restaurant is usually crowded, so ordering in advance is suggested.

2. Tianshui Kitchen

The restaurant serves plentiful vegetarian dishes. It enjoys a quiet and peaceful environment. It has been reviewed by some customers that the portions of the dishes are a bit small and the price is a little high. Also, the serving speed is sometimes a little slow, so ordering meals in advance is suggested. The cakes there are especially recommended, for they are purely vegetarian as well as being delicious cakes, the main ingredients of which are chocolate, walnuts and raisins.

Tianhe District

1. Yi Xin Vegetarian Restaurant Zhongtai International Square Branch

With antique beauty, the environment there can make you feel a sense of quietness and peace. You can appreciate many initiative dishes there, having all kinds of flavors. But many dishes may be too oily. In addition, the food is affordable and the food portions are enough for one to be adequately fed. The restaurant can get very crowded but the serving speed of the dishes is fast.

Yi Xin Vegetarian Restaurant Dongshan Branch 怡新素食

2. Putianyuan Vegetarian Restaurant

You will be surrounded by an atmosphere of peace in the plain but quiet and secluded environment there. The restaurant combines Chinese-style and Western-style vegetarian dishes together, which are purely handmade dishes. In the spring and summer, self-serviced fruit and salad is provided, while in the autumn and winter, a self-serviced nourishing syrup is available.

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