Guangzhou Ship Transport

By Ruru ZhouUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Guangzhou is located beside the Pearl River, and it is one of the most famous port cities in China. The Pearl River is the second largest navigable canal in China, only ranked after the Yangtze River. Passengers can take ship to Hong Kong, Macau and Haikou.

There are totally many ports in Guangzhou, including Humen Port, Xinsha Port, Huangpu Port, Nansha Port and many other inner ports. The ship routes links Guangzhou to hundreds of ports including domestic ports and abroad ports. Most of these ports are cargo ports. However, three ports provides service of passenger transport: Panyu Lotus Mountain Port provides high speed passenger liners to Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal in Hong Kong daily, Huangpu Port offers ships to Xiuying Port in Haikou and Nansha Port operates ships to Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal in Macau.

Ports Essentials

Lotus Mountain Port 莲花山港口

It takes about 30 minutes from Guangzhou urban area to Panyu Lotus Mountain Port, and that from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is 1 hour.

Huangpu Port 黄埔码头

Nansha Port 南沙港口

From Guangzhou to Hong Kong

One course takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes, and it would stop ticket checking 10 minutes before the ship’s setting sail. The followings are the timetables for ship between Guangzhou Lotus Mountain Port and Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal.

From Guangzhou Lotus Mountain Port to Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal

Ship Time for Departing from Guangzhou Lotus Mountain Port Time for Arriving at Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal
Ship 1 08:30 10:20
Ship 2 10:20 12:30
Ship 3 13:10 15:00
Ship 4 15:20 17:10
Ship 5 18:00 19:50

From Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal to Guangzhou Lotus Mountain Port

Ship Time for Departing from Hong Kong China Ferry Terminal Time for Arriving at Guangzhou Lotus Mountain Port
Ship 1 07:50 09:40
Ship 2 09:00 10:50
Ship 3 11:00 12:50
Ship 4 14:00 15:40
Ship 5 18:20 20:10

The timetable of the ticket fare per person

  VIP Class First Class Second Class
Adult 205 HKD or 185 yuan 185 HKD or 165 yuan 165 HKD or 145 yuan
Child 122 HKD or 93 yuan 112 HKD or 83 yuan 102 HKD or 73 yann

From Guangzhou to Macau

Taking a ship from Guangzhou to Macau only costs 80 minutes, comparing with about 2.5 hours by land transport. The ship is available in every weekend, departs at 13:45 from Guangzhou Nansha Port to Macau, and goes back at 15:50 from Macau Maritime Ferry Terminal. Ticket fare for a round trip per adult costs 360 yuan.

Haikou to Guangzhou Cruise

There are boats from Haikou to Guangzhou every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The boat depart from Haikou Xiuying Port (秀英码头) at 15:30 and arrive at Guangzhou Nansha Huangge Town Zai Island Port  (南沙黄阁镇沙仔岛码头) at 8:30 the next day. The journey takes about 18 hours.

Ticket Price: 450 for deluxe cabin, 320 yuan for first class, 260 yuan for second class, 220 yuan for A cabin (8 persons)  of the third class, 200 yuan for B cabin of the third class (18 seats), and 150 yuan for the fourth class.

There are buses at Guangzhou Nansha Huangge Town Zai Island Port to take passengers to Guangzhou City, and the bus is scheduled with the arrival of the boat.

Note: There are several ports in Haikou, but only Xiuying Port operates ships to Guangzhou.

Guangzhou to Haikou Cruise

Ship from Guangzhou to Haikou operates every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It departs from Guangzhou Nansha Huangge Town Zai Island Port  (南沙黄阁镇沙仔岛码头) at 15:00.

Price is the same with that from Haikou to Guangzhou.

There are buses serving passengers from the city of Guangzhou to the port. Places to take the bus are Da Sha Tou, No 466 Yan Jiang East Road (大沙头, 沿江东路466号); time: 12:10

The West Gate of Tianhe Town (天河城西门), the A exit of subway in West Tiyu Road (体育西路地铁a出口); time: 12:40

Jiayue Building in Che Po Road (车陂路加悦大厦), No 38 Zhongshan Avenue (中山大道中38号).

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