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 Guangzhou Subway Line Five

Guangzhou Subway Line Five

Written by Candice SongUpdated Feb. 3, 2021

The Line 5 is an artery connecting the eastern and western Guangzhou and passing Guangzhou Railway Station. Its first phase (from Jiaokou to Wenchong) runs for 31.9 kilometres and has 24 stops: Jiaokou (which will be transferred to Foshan) (滘口), Tanwei (can be transferred to Line 6) (坦尾), Zhongshanba Lu (中山八), Xichang (西场), Xicun (西村) (can be transferred to Line 8), Guangzhou Railway Station (广州火车站) (can be transferred to Line 2), Xiaobei (小北), Taojin (淘金), Quzhuang (can be transferred to Line 6) (区庄), Guangzhou Zoo (动物园) and Yangji (can be transferred to Line 1) (杨箕), Wuyangcun (五羊邨), Zhujiang New Town (can be transferred to Line 3) (珠江新城), Liede (猎德), Tancun (潭村), Yuancun (员村), Keyunlu (科韵路), Chebeinan (can be transferred to Line 4) (车陂南), Dongpu (东圃), Sanxi (三溪), Yuzhu (鱼珠), Dashadi (大沙地), Dashadong (大沙东) and Wenchong (文冲).

The second phrase of line 5 has five stations to be finished from 2015 to 2020, Wenchong (文冲), Shapu (沙埔), Miaoyou (庙头), Xiayuan (夏园), and Huangpu Ferry Terminal (黄埔客运港).

Introduction to Stations on Line 5

Jiaokou Station

Next to Nanhai District, Jiaokou Stop is at the crossing of Fangcun Avenue and ShuangQiao Road, south to the Jiaokou Passenger Depot. It is close to some residence areas including Fangqiaoyuan, Yicaitingyuan, Longwan Square and Rui'an Garden, and educational institutions like Cuizhuyuan Art School of Flower Arrangement, Guangdong Provincial Commercial School and Deming Primary School. Besides the station links Foshan Guanfolukou Passager Station and Guangzhou Jiaokou Bus Station.

Tanwei Station

Tanwei Station at Mid-shuangqiao Avenue is close to Shuangqiao Park, Shuangqiao Middle School and Haijiaohonglou Natatorium in the east, Jinbandao Hotel in the west (the region is mainly occupied by apartment buildings), a major aquafarm in the northwest, Zhudao Garden in the northeast, Longshengwei in the southwest, and Songzhou Middle School and the local office of China Customs Bond in the southeast.

Zhongshanba Station

Zhongshan Station is at the crossing of Zhongshanbalu Road and Nan'an Avenue. It is close to Qiongzhou Hotel, Lihumingyuan, Fuli Square, educational institutions including Foreign Language School of Guangzhou Committee, Zhongshan Eighth Avenue Primary School and Foreign Language Vocational School of Liwan District; Youth Park, Liwan Lake Park, China Southern Power Grid Corporation Limited, Guangzhou Trams Corporation and Guangzhou Repairing Factory of Trams, Zhuorong Foreign Trade Wholesale, Zhongba Shopping Center of Maternal and Children Supplies, Lihu Mall and Liansheng International Trading Center of Children Supplies as well as Guanghong Real Estate.

Xichang Station

Xichang Station, at Dongfeng West Avenue, between the west loop and the viaduct of the Avenue, is close to Xiangli Hotel, Pingnan and Hepingxincun residence areas, Guangya Middle School, the Workers’ Stadium, Lijiao Building and Guangdong Nengyang Electric Power Construction Co., LTD.

Xicun Station

Xicun Station, at the crossing of the west loop and Xiwan Avenue, is close to Guangzhou Train Station, Provincial and City Bus Station, Liuhua Station, as well as some major shopping malls for clothes and shoes in the east, NO.2 People's Hospital of Liwan District and Guangya Middle School in the south, Xichang, Hepingxincun village, Huanshixilu Primary School and some comprehensive shopping centers in the west, and Tongdewei'ezhangtan, Xiehe Primary School, Xiehe High School and Yangchengxiwan Building in the north.

Guangzhou Railway Station

Guangzhou Railway Station is the transfer station for line 2 and line 5. It is close to Airport Expressway, Caonuan Park, Liuhua Post Office, Automobile Terminal of Guangdong Province, Passenger Transport Station of Guangzhou, Friendship Theater. Besides, it only takes few minutes to reach Guangzhou Railway Station.

Xiaobei Station

Xiaobei Station sits east below the crossing of Huanshi Zhong Road and Xiaobei Road. It is close to Dengfeng Hotel, Yidong Building, Huizhou Building, the Guangdong Television Center, Beixiu Building, Yuhua Building and Jinying Building.

Taojin Station

Taojin Station sits below the crossing of Huanshi East Road and Jianshe East Road, a bustling hotel and business district. It is close to White Swan Hotel, Guangdong International Hotel, No. 21 Middle School, Friendship Hotel and Guangdong TV Station in the northwest, and World Trade Center, Dijing Building, Lidou Building, Overseas Chinese Village, Holiday Inn and Guangzhou City Finance Schools in the northeast, and Yinzheng Building, Municipal Services Building, Great World Plaza and Garden Hotel in the southwest, and Beifang Building and Yuanyang Building in the southeast.

Quzhuang Station

Quzhuang Station sits below the crossing of Huanshi East Road and Nonglin Xia Road. It is close to Huihua Commercial Building, Dianzi Building, Huanghuagang Theater, Gaoxun Building, Zhongqiao Building, Dongshan Plaza, Huashan Hotel, Jiaying Hotel, Ocean Hotel and Zhongshan Ophthalmic Hospital in the west, and Guangzhou City Highway Bureau, Guangzhou Jiayu Business Center, Guanyi Building, Guangdong Huaxin Center and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank in the south.

Dongwuyuan (Guangzhou Zoo) Station

It is in front of the south gate of Guangzhou Zoo. The station has two entrances, entrance B to Dongdu Dashi Food Street and entrance C to New Oriental Hotel .

Yangji Station

Yangji Station is the transfer station for line 1 and line 5. It is located below the crossing of Zhoushan Road 1 and Meidong Road. It is close to some residence areas, newly-developed high living areas and luxurious clubhouses. The traffic is quite convenient. Wuyang around New Town, Tianhe and other recreation areas are concentrated area.

Wuyangcun Station

Wuyangcun Station is on the west side of the crossing of Siyouxinma Road and Guangzhou Avenue. It is close to Wuyang New Town Plaza, Jinqiao Building, Meijing building, the New Times Square and Guangzhou Railway First Secondary School in the northwest, Nantian Plaza and high-level commercial and residential areas in the northeast.

Zhujiang New Town Station

Zhujiang New Town Station is located below the crossing of Huaxia Road and Huacheng Avenue. It is near Chinese customs and commodity inspection building.

Liede Station

Tancun Station is located below the crossing of Tianhe Huacheng Avenue and Xingguo Road.It is close to the integrated commercial and residential areas of Zhujian New Town in the northwest and Zhujiang Park in the northeast.

Tancun Station

Tancun Station is located south below Guangzhou Racecourse. It is close to Flower City Exhibition Center in the east and Zhujiang Park in the northwest.

Yuancun Station

Yuancun Station is close to Tianhe Doushi Plaza and Yuancun Comprehensive Market.

Keyunlu Station

In the east of Keyunlu station is the Bai'anju Decorative Materials City, Guangzhou Chemical Factory and Royal Ascot Garden, in the west Tianhe District Police Substation, Yuancun Street Police Station, in the northwest Yun-Ke Building and Wuhua Building, in the southwest Meilin Hai'an Garden.

Chebeinan Station

Chebeinan Station lies in the crossing of Huangpu Avenue and Chepo Road. It is the transfer station for line 4 and line 5.

Dongpu Station

In the northeast of Dongpu station sits Tianhai Lace Co., Ltd., in the southeast Guangzhou Timber Facinry and Guangdong Zheng Da Kang Di Co., Ltd, in the southwest Dongpu bamboo market, in the north Feiyang badmininn hall.

Sanxi Station

Sanxi Station is close in Meilin Lake Residential Area and Yuzhu international timber market.

Yuzhu Station

In the north of Yuzhu Station is the Maogang Overpass, in the southeast Huangpu Chinese Medicine Hospital, in the southwest some residential areas, like Yuzhu residential areas of coal field, Yumu residence areas and Yuzhu Street Police Station.

Dashadi Station

Dashadi Station is located in the bustling area of Huangpu District, surrounded by the traditional center of Huangpu district. In the northeast lies Guangzhou 123 Secondary School and 86 Secondary School, in the southeast the police station of Huangpu District, in the west Harbour Primary School, Harbour Village and Golden Kindergarten, in the northwest the Harbour Hospital attached in Guangzhou Medical College and Hengsha Village.

Dashadong Station

Dashadong Station is close in Party School of CPC Huangpu, Huangpu Bureau of Local Taxes, Huangpu Construction Inwer, Huangpu Youth Activity Centre, the People's Government of Huangpu District and Huangpu Stadium.

Wenchong Station

In the north part of Wenchong station sits Wenchong parking-lot and Wenchong Center, in the east Vanke City Garden and petrochemical living area, in the southwest Wenchong Village and Wenchong Primary School, in the northwest Dasha Inn.

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