Guangdong Subway Line 6

Guangdong Subway Line 6

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021
 Shamian Island Shamian Island

Line 6 (广州地铁6号线, Guǎngzhōu Dìtiě Liù Hào Xiàn) is one of the 11 operational metro lines of the Guangzhou Metro as of 2016. Phase 1 began operation in 2013. 

It is an important tourist line because it provides interchanges with several other lines and goes to highlights. These include the Cultural Park at the Cultural Park Station (文化公园), Beijing Road shopping at the Beijing Road Station (北京路), Shamian Island at the Huangsha Station (黄沙) that is ranked 5 on TripAdvisor in 2016, and several other popular tourist places.

When finished, Line 6 will be one of the more important lines and one of the longest. It passes through Tianhe District just east of the East Train Station that is a popular place for tourists and expats. Tianhe is one of the closest areas for the China Import and Export Center and has good quality hotels and restaurants. The color of Line 6 is purple.

An Introduction to the Stations of Line 6

Starting from the northernmost station, Changban Station that is just to the north of the busy Tianhe Bus Station, the line goes south making a U curve at Donghu Station following along the north bank of the Pearl River and then turning again north to reach the terminus at Xunfenggang Station. Phase 1 has 21 operational stations and is 25 kilometers long.

Changban Station 长湴: It is just to the north of Tianhe Bus Station. The first train leaves at 6:10 in the morning, and the journey time is about 25 to 30 minutes to the terminus. The Guangzhou Car Market is near it.

Tianhe Bus Station StationTianhe Bus Station Station

Tianhe Bus Station Station 天河客运站: It is a transfer station for Line 3. It is conveniently at the bus station for regional buses. It is next to the South China University of Technology.

Yantang Station 燕塘 is a transfer station for Line 3 and is next to Yanling Manion and Yinyang Mansion.

Tianpingjia Station 天平架 is at the Tianpingjia Decorative Materials Markets.

Shahe Station 沙河 is at the cheapest or one of the cheapest wholesale clothes market areas in Guangzhou called Shahe Wholesale Market. Perhaps bigger than the one around the Guangzhou Train Station. It is still under construction as of 2016.

Shaheding Station 沙河顶 is at the western side of the Shahe Wholesale Market at the Wanjia Clothes Wholesale Market.

Guangzhou ZooA panda in Guangzhou Zoo

Huanghuagang Station 黄花岗 is near the Guangzhou Zoo.

Ouzhuang Station 区庄 is an interchange station for Line 5.

Dongshankou Station 东山口 is an interchange station for Line 1.

Donghu Station 东湖 is at the Haiyin Electronics Wholesale Market.

Tuanyida Station 团一大广场 is at the Yuexiu South Passenger Bus Station.

Beijing Road Station 北京路 can be used to reach the Beijing Road shopping and sightseeing area.

Haizhu Square Station 海珠广场 is a transfer station for Line 2.

Yide Road Station 一德路 is near the Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street that along with Beijing Road is the most popular with tourists.

Cultural Park Station 文化公园: This is the stop for Cultural Park that isn't very popular for tourists except those who want to watch the locals who crowd there.

Huangsha Station 黄沙: This station is a transfer station for Line 1 and the gives access to Shamian Island.

Ruyifang Station 如意坊 is near the Guangdong Electronic Appliance Market.

Tanwei Station 坦尾 is an interchange station for Line 5 and is at the Nanyu International Home Furnishing & Building Materials Market.

Hesha Station 河沙

Shabei Station 沙贝

Hengsha Station 横沙

Xunfenggang Station 浔峰岗 is the terminus station.

Phase 2

A Phase 2 addition with 10 more stations to the line is under construction, and the Botanical Garden Station (植物园) on it will allow access to the Botanical Garden that is probably Guangzhou's best park.

The new 17 kilometer extension to the line with 10 stations will continue going eastwards to the Botanical Garden Station and the terminus is at Xiangxue Station.

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