Gudong Waterfall

Gudong Waterfall

By CindyUpdated Dec. 6, 2021


Gudong Waterfall Tourist Area is the largest forest park in Guilin as well as the forest park nearest to Guilin city. It is famous for its unique waterfall: Gudong Waterfall. Unlike other waterfalls where visitors can just enjoy them from a distance, visitors can play in the Gudong Waterfall. It is not common to see visitors climb waterfalls in China.


Ancient East Falls

Gudong Waterfall is located in the south of Daxu ancient town, Lingchuan County. It is 25 kilometers from Guilin city. The waterfall is divided into 13 cascades. It has a drop of 90 meters and a mean width of 20 meters. As many visitors will come and play here, some iron chains were stalled on both sides of the waterfall for safety concerns.

The forest coverage rate of Gudong Waterfall Tourist Area is around 96%. It covers an area of more than 2 square kilometers (around0.8 square miles). The virgin forest covers an area of 1.3 square kilometers (around 0.5 square miles). Besides, there is another forest, which is planted with maple trees. In late autumn every year, near late November, the maple leaves will be tinged with the autumn red. The forest becomes a world of red. That magnificent sight cannot be found in other places of Guangxi Province. Visiting the Gudong waterfall in autumn, visitors can not only see the beautiful scene of maple trees, but also enjoy the fresh air and exercise.

Ancient East FallsGudong Waterfall

The major characteristic of the Gudong waterfall Tourist Area is the popularization of environmental protection. Deliberately-designed boards and attractions remind visitors of the importance of environmental protection. Visitors to Gudong Waterfall can not only have a close encounter with nature, but also learn some useful knowledge of environmental protection.

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Travel Essentials

  • How to get there: Visitors can take the tourist bus "Guilin - Crown Cave (冠岩, Guanyan Cave, another scenic spot)" at Guilin Bus Station. It can take visitors to the Gudong Waterfall directly. The earliest bus departing from Guilin starts at 7:30 and the last bus departing from Guanyan leaves at 18:30.
  • Opening time: The opening time is from 8:30 to 16:30 every day. (The whole course takes around 2 hours.)

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