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Best Things and Attractions of Guilin

The best things to do, attractions to see in Guilin

Top  12 Things to Do in Guilin

Top things to do in Guilin include touring Guilin and the surrounding towns of Yangshuo and Longsheng to hike and raft.

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Photography Tips and Locations in Guilin

This article talks about photography tips and locations in Guilin, including where and when to take the best shots.

4 Ways to Explore Yangshuo's Countryside

This article introduces these ways to explore Yangshuo's countryside: riding a bicycle, tandem, electric golf cart, and electric scooter.

Top 10 Family Activities in Guilin

Guilin is not only a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts but also a charming place for family tours. See what activities you can share with your kids.

Top Free Things to Do in Guilin

Guilin is a city with lots of landscapes to explore. In this page you can find some new and interesting areas without any entrance fee.

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Best Caves to Visit in Guilin

Limestone caves are must-see sights when touring Guilin. This article helps you find the most popular caves to visit in the Guilin area.

Top 6 Ancient Towns around Guilin

Here are the top 6 ancient towns around Guilin which deserve a visit, with travel details and summaries.

Best Attractions in Guilin's Counties

The various attractions in Guilin's counties are as many as or more than those in Guilin City. Get out into Guilin's countryside!

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Guilin's Geology - A Walk on the Sea Bed

The karst formation in Guilin makes it a top travel destination. Travel with China Highlights to discover Guilin's geology.

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Top Outdoor Activities in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Cycling, rock climbing, kayaking, rafting and hiking are the most popular activities.

Rock Climbing in Yangshuo, Guilin — 2017

Yangshuo, most popular rock climbing destination in China, has easy-access, tooth-like karst. Here's where and when to climb, and who to climb with.

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6 Free Things to do in Yangshuo

Most attractions in Yangshuo have an entrance fee. Read this article to find out what is available for free in this beautiful place.

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Best Places to See Autumn Colors in Guilin

Autumn is a comfortable and colorful season in Guilin. Here are the best places to see autumn colors.

Top 4 Rivers for Summer Rafting around Guilin

The top 4 rivers for summer rafting around Guilin with travel details to help you to have fun escaping the heat.

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Undiscovered Guilin — 6 Reasons to Dive Deeper into Guilin

Undiscovered Guilin - still relatively unknown and unseen treasures of Guilin city - a must for any discerning visitor!