Guilin Muslim Restaurants

Guilin Muslim Restaurants

By LingUpdated Oct. 1, 2021

Baiji Muslim Wonton Eatery

Baiji Muslim Wonton Eatery enjoys an advantageous geographical position near the Chongshan mosque and the West City Pedestrian Street. It offers tasty and authentic Muslim food with an affordable price. Though it is a small eatery, it is famous in Guilin. The signature food — wontons is southern style. The meat stuffing is mixed with bruised ginger and diced mushrooms and the soup is delicious.

  • Chinese name: 白记清真馄饨店 Baiji Qingzhen Huntun Dian /beye-jee ching-jnn hwnn twnn dyen/
  • Recommended dishes: beef wontons (牛肉馄饨), beef meatballs (牛肉丸), and fried rice (炒饭)
  • Average price per person: 6 yuan
  • Address: near the Chongshan Road Mosque, Guilin (桂林市崇善路清真寺附近)
  • Transportation: Take bus 22, 23, or 25B to Ximen Bridge Stop (西门桥). The eatery is about a 2-munite walk from the stop.
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Guilin Islamic Restaurant

The restaurant is next to the women's mosques and 200 meters from the Chongshan mosque. It owned and run by the Islam Association of Guilin and aims to provide high quality food for the Muslims. The food it provides is spicy and also caters for northern Chinese.

  • Chinese name: 桂林伊斯兰饭店 Guilin Yisilan Fandian / gway-lin ee-srr-lan fan-dyen /
  • Recommended dishes: pine nut fish (松子鱼), braised beef (锅烧牛肉), and chow mein (炒面)
  • Average price per person: 37 yuan
  • Address: 55 Xicheng Road, Guilin (桂林西城路55号)
  • Tel: 0773-2819737 
  • Transportation: Take bus 22, 23 or 25B to Ximen Bridge Stop (西门桥). The restaurant is about a 1-minute walk from the stop.
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Xinjiang Gourmet Restaurant

The restaurant is near Guilin University of Technology. It has been running for more than a decade. All the staffs are from Xinjiang. It provides authentic Xinjiang food and offers traditional Xinjiang private rooms with thick carpets you can sit on.

  • Chinese name: 新疆美食馆 Xinjiang Meishiguan /sshin-jyang may-shrr-gwan/
  • Recommended dishes: roast mutton chops (烤羊排), Xinjiang noodles (新疆拌面), Samosa (烤包子) and haggis soup (羊杂汤)
  • Average price per person: 50 yuan
  • Address: Shangbian Village, Liuhe Road, Qixing District, Guilin (桂林市七星区六合路上边村)
  • Tel: 0773- 2123323
  • Transportation: Take bus 10 to Jiangan Road (建干路). The restaurant is about a 5-minute walk from the stop.
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