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Guilin Weather in July

guilin weather july

Weather: July is hot and humid. There are occasional downpours and summer showers. It is the hottest month of the year, and it's one of the top 4 rainiest months. There is good weather for outdoor activities and water sports. The average daily low and high temperatures are respectively 25 °C (77 °F) and 33°C (91 °F). 

Clothing: Prepare an umbrella, sunglasses, and sun screen, and wear summer clothes such as shorts, T-shirts, and skirts.

Guilin July Weather Data Graphs

Guilin weather in July

Top Things to Do in Guilin in July

silver caveThe beautiful Silver Cave

Keep Cool in Cool Caves

Though it is hot, you can keep cool in the cool caves. Reed Flute Cave in Guilin's suburbs and Silver Cave close to Yangshuo are the two most famous caves for travelers. 

Silver Cave is the most extensive cave network open to the public around Guilin. If you take a river cruise to Yangshuo, visiting the cave is one of the options after you get off the boat.

In those cool caves, it's just like having air conditioning, and you might forget that it is summer.

Take a Li River Cruise

Yulong Rive raftingYulong Rive rafting

Our four-hour Li River cruise trip is one of our most popular tours. We can create add additional activities to create a tour package for you. Biking, kayaking, shopping, and rafting trips are popular activities around Yangshuo.

Take a Yulong River Rafting

July is one of the best times for river rafting on Yulong River. It is hot and the river level is high, and it is often sunny. You can use the long days for seeing the sights, like the Twelve Beaches and Nine Horse Fresco Hill, and enjoy the long dusks and warm evenings.

You can take bikes on board the rafts and ride back on bikes and see the countryside before sundown. Or we can arrange a car ride back.

Visiting Guilin in July: Important Travel Tips and Popular Tours

July is in the shoulder season.

Yulong River raftingTour Guilin with China Highlights

July isn't one of the high tourist months, but a lot of foreign tourists come in during their summer vacations or school breaks. School lets out for summer vacation in July in Mainland China, so more family groups and young people arrive.

Hotel rooms and flight and train tickets are available. We can book these for you at a discount compared to what you'd paid if you tried to get the tickets yourself.

Recommended Guilin Tours

China Highlights has a variety of Guilin package tours that you can modify to fit your dreams. There are tours for everything from hiking to biking to going to the caves and mountains. We can tailor-make a tour to suit your needs. We know the area well and will create your tour by our years of experience.

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