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Malinghe Canyon


  • Malinghe Canyon is a nationally protected park in Guizhou.
  • It is a deep and narrow canyon with caves and many waterfalls.
  • An international race was held there.
  • People like to go river rafting and kayaking on it.


Many waterfalls; some are big. There are sections with rapids and more placid sections. There are roads that total about 7 kilometers or 4.35 miles to make walking easier. The main plank road has the length of 1.7 km or 1.06 miles.

Chelang Hot Spring

There is a hot spring on both sides of the valley in one section, and there are ethnic houses near them. The water temperature of the hot spring stays between 38℃ and 40℃ all the year round.

Wucai Corridor

There are waterfalls with various features in this spot.

Tianxing Gallery

Tianxing Gallery or Heavenly Stars Gallery in English is the best section of this valley. Even though it only has a length of 1.7 km or 1.06 miles, there are more then ten waterfalls and some are large.

Rafting and Kayaking

If you want to ride down the river, the Malinghe Canyon can be divided into three major navigable sections:

The Upper Section

Goes from Malinghezhen Town to Tianxing Gallery. It is 13.7 kilometers or 8.51 miles. This trip takes about two hours. The water in this section is very clear. The price is 138 RMB or 21.35 USD.

The Middle Section

Goes from Tianxing Gallery to Zhaojiadu. It is 22 kilometers or 13.67 miles. This will take about two to three hours. This section is full of thrills. The price is 168 RMB or 26 USD.

The Lower Section

Goes from Zhaojiadu to Wanfeng Lake. It is 20 km or 12.42 miles. This is the most exciting section of the valley. The price is 168 RMB or 26 USD.


Malinghe Canyon is only about 10 kilometers or 6 miles northeast of Xingyi and 360 kilometers from Guiyang. To get to Malinghe Canyon, you can take the long-distance buses at Guiyang Bus Station. The buses may follow this schedule: 8:00, 8:40, 9:00, 16:00, 19:00 and 19:30 each day. The price is 95 RMB or 14.70 USD. After arriving at Xingyi, you can take the minibus to Malinghe Canyon for the price of 2 RMB or 0.31 USD. For this trip, its best to leave Guiyang in the morning.

Additional Information

Bring: Things you may need to carry with you include clothes for swimming, umbrellas, big plastic bags,sandals, and one or two suits of dry clothes.
Drinks:  Try Da Hong Pao tea. It has the effect of relieving coughs, eliminating phlegm and promoting urination.
Travel: The best time to go to catch the warm weather is from May to September or October.