Nanjiang Canyon

This canyon is a newly developed scenic spot. It is 40 km long,with a maximum depth of 250 meters. Inside the canyon, there are more than 80 natural attractions including more than 40 waterfalls.

White-water rafting is the most thrilling attraction for energetic travelers to the canyon. There are numerous fascinating peaks, caves and breathtaking shoals along the river. In the scenic area of Ladder Cliff, the steep banks sandwiching the narrow river appear to have been chopped by a giant axe. At the end of an 800-merte-long funnel-shaped section, the river becomes so narrow that the branches of the trees growing on opposite banks overlap.

Waterfalls of big and small, 48 in total, cascade into the canyon. One of these, Bell Waterfall, is a typical travertine fall. The 30-metre-high rock from where the water gushes down conceals a limestone cave, which allows visitors to "enter the rock" and watch the falling water from within.

Flocks of white egrets fly down the river by day, returning to their nests upstream when dusk falls. At night, the fireflies light up the valley, presenting a wondrous display. At the Holiday Resort in the middle of the canyon, a bonfire party is organized, where Yi dances and songs are performed and feasts of local food such as roasted whole lamb are offered.