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Nanjiang Canyon - So Fun You May Want to Stay Forever

Nanjiang Canyon - So Fun You May Want to Stay Forever

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Oct. 27, 2023

Nanjiang Canyon is a scenic spot that integrates a beautiful natural landscape with interesting activities. It is honored as China's "Karst Ecological Museum".

The largest calcareous waterfall of Asia, Golden Bell Waterfall, is there, as well as Dragon Boardwalk - the longest wooden walkway in China.

Besides the scenery, make sure you don't miss the exciting rafting and jungle adventure.

Quick Facts

  • Chinese: 南江大峡谷Nánjiāng Dà xiá Gǔ /nan-jyang daa-sshyaa goo/ 'South-River Canyon Valley'
  • Length: 40 kilometers (25 miles)
  • Must-see features: Golden Bell Waterfall, Dragon Boardwalk, Yuanyang Lake, Jungle Adventure
  • Time needed: 4–5 hours
  • Location: 54 kilometers (34 miles) from Guiyang

What to See at Nanjiang Canyon

1. Asia's Largest Karst Waterfall - Golden Bell Waterfall

Golden Bell Waterfall is more than 30 meters (100 ft) high and is known as the largest calcareous waterfall of Asia.

The reason it is called 'Golden Bell' is because when you knock on the waterfall's limestone, it sounds like you are ringing a bell.

The most interesting fact about this waterfall is that the 30-metre-high rock from where the water gushes down conceals a limestone cave.

This allows visitors to "enter" the rock and watch the falling water from within.

2. One of the Best Wooden Walkways in China - Dragon Boardwalk

Dragon Boardwalk is the longest wooden walkway in China and is one of China's most exciting boardwalks.

It is 3 kilometers (2 miles) long and is coiled on the edge of a cliff just like a Chinese dragon.

According to the statistics of an experienced guide, it will take about 6,600 steps to finish walking along the boardwalk.

You can see more than 40 waterfalls of different types along the boardwalk, including Golden Bell Waterfall.

Walking along the walkway, you can see ancient riverbed ruins, which tell you that the canyon has undergone geological changes for thousands of years.

3. A Paradise for Migratory Birds - Yuanyang Lake

Walk to the end of Dragon Boardwalk to see a picturesque lake - Yuanyang Lake. 'Yuanyang' means mandarin duck, a migratory bird that always arrives in pairs.

The climate is mild and warm, so many migratory birds fly there from the north to live out the winter. As most of the birds are mandarin ducks, people named the lake Yuanyang Lake.

Flocks of white egrets fly down to the lake by day, returning to their nests upstream when dusk falls. At night, fireflies light up the valley, presenting a wondrous display.

What to Do at Nanjiang Canyon

1.Go White Water Rafting

White water rafting is the most thrilling attraction for energetic travelers to the canyon. There are numerous fascinating peaks, caves, and breathtaking shoals to see along the river.

The rafting begins near the entrance to Nanjiang Canyon. Tourists usually take a rubber boat in pairs, listen to the safety lesson given by a professional guide, and then ride their boat over the rises and falls in the turbulent river. The experience ends in Yuanyang Lake.

2. Have an Interesting Jungle Adventure

The Jungle Adventure is a new project, which was built in 2017. Among the tall trees of the forest are many aerial boardwalks.

Fastened to a safety rope, tourists can walk the wooden walkways to explore the wonders of the primeval forest.

3. Climb Up Near-Vertical Cliffs

If you love extreme sports, then rock climbing in the canyon is yet another activity for you.

The cliffs there are almost vertical, which make them very popular with rock climbers all over the world.

There are several experienced rock climbing instructors, as well as comprehensive protection equipment, so that you can safely conquer the cliffs and enjoy a spirited adventure.

Travel Essentials

  • Location: Kaiyang County, 54 km (34 mi) from Guiyang
  • Transportation: 33 minutes by bullet train (three trains per day); 2 hours by bus (from 7am to 7pm, leaving every half an hour)
  • Opening times: 8am to 5:30pm daily
  • Best times to visit: May–September

Touring Routes

There are two ways to tour through Nanjiang Canyon. One way is to mix rafting with hiking, and the other is to mix hiking with a cable car and a bus ride.

Tourists can raft to Yuanyang Lake and walk back to the scenic area's entrance gate along Dragon Trestle.

Tourists can also walk to Yuanyang Lake along Dragon Trestle, take a cable car to the top of the mountain, and then take a free bus ride back to the gate.

What to Bring

If you choose the rafting option, you'll need to take extra clothes to change into as you may get very wet.

At the same time, it is not recommended to carry valuables, such as cameras and mobile phones, because they can get easily damaged by the water or lost in the rafting process.

These items can be stored in the locker at the entrance. If you want to take them with you, please ensure you have made them waterproof.

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