Tianhe Pool

The scenic resort area covers 15 square kilometers. It centers on a clear pool surrounded on all sides by steep cliffs covered with green trees. Tianhe Pool is a typical naturally sunken pit of calcified rocks. The scenic area has four major sections, including a clacified stalactite waterfall, the Xiangba Trench, a water cavern and a dry one, each with its own characteristic features.

There are two natural limestone caves in the cliffs. One of them is a treasure house of stalactites of different images. The 210-meter wide stalactite waterfall is the widest of the kind in China. Roaring waters from the hill create caves of different sizes and shapes. When the waters are abundant, they are like jumping tigers and running horses; when the waters are not so powerful, mists from the river fly at the gust of wind. The 100-step stone bridge over the Wolong Lake cast its reflections in the mirror-like water. All constitutes beautiful scenery in the Chinese painting.

The other cave can be toured by boat, which carries visitors down the Tongtian River for a look at the Canch Palace, Tidal Pool, the underground Heavenly Pavilion and several other attractions. The Longtan Cave is about 1000 meters long, with the widest opening of 80 meters, and the narrowest 20 meters. The water is about 21 meters deep. Nature has created different shapes of stalactites beyond your imagination. Karst landforms like fissures, sinkholes, underground streams, and caverns can be found there. On the ground, the remaining parts of a limestone cave form a natural bridge, like the spine of the dragon. All this offers a unique view.

The resort is close to Miao settlements. Walking along the Xingba Trench, tourists can see waterwheel, water grind and enjoy the Miao village flavors.

There is a cableway between two of the mountains. Visitors can slide down the wire, overlooking the city and experience the feeling of flying in the sky.