Tianhe Pool - the Concentration of Guizhou’s Natural Scenery

Tianhe Pool - the Concentration of Guizhou’s Natural Scenery

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Tianhe Pool has the laudatory title of being “the concentration of Guizhou’s natural scenery”. The scenery includes mountains, a lake, karst caves, waterfalls, a natural arch, and a canyon.

In addition to enjoying the stunning natural landscape, you can also walk around the cultural district as well as watch the amazing water show, which is a combination of technology and nature.

Quick Facts

Five Things to Do in Tianhe Pool

1. See the Colorful Waterfalls

Unlike Huangguoshu Waterfall located in Anshun, Guizhou Province, which is famous for its huge size, the waterfalls of Tianhe Pool are known for being multicolored.

Because of the calcified landforms there, the waterfalls of Tianhe Pool refract the light, which is why you can see the waterfalls in color, especially when the sunshine is strong.

2. Explore the Mysterious Karst Caves

There are two huge karst caves there: Water Cave and Dry Cave.

Water Cave is more than 1,000 meters long and tourists must take a boat to get into the cave.

Each person is equipped with a flashlight to view every scene inside the cave, giving it an air of mystery.

There are three layers inside Dry Cave, with different types of stalactites. On the third floor, there is a natural stone bridge. A dark underground river flows under the bridge, making it seem like a science fiction movie.

3. Walk in the Street of Stories

Guiyang Story Street, a cultural district, was built on the theme of the China republican period (1912–1949).

The area was restored to keep the style of the old street, courtyard, and mansion that were part of Guiyang about 90 years ago.

There you can taste delicious local snacks, buy interesting souvenirs, and see the old buildings.

Moreover, the merchants and service staff there wear clothes in the style of the republican period. Wandering around the street, there is an illusion that you have stepped back into Guiyang’s past.

4. Experience the Exciting Zip Line

In the canyon of Tianhe Pool, there is an exciting project a zip line experience.

The zip line connects the canyon from the north to the south. It is 400 meters long and takes just 40 seconds to slide from one side to the other.

Attached to the zip line, rapidly gliding above the canyon, you can feel the wind blowing around your body and see the canyon passing by underneath your feet.

The zip line begins near the end of the scenic area and it ends at the parking lot, which is near the entrance gate.

You can choose to take the zip line when you’ve finished sightseeing, glide to the parking lot very quickly, and save a lot energy while having an exciting experience.

5. Watch a Wonderful Water Show

Not only can you see beautiful natural sceneries but you can also enjoy a wonderful water show.

Water is the main element of the show and, by using the high-tech means of sound, light, and electricity, the water dances in rhythm to the music and changes into different shapes.

Holographic technology is also used. Dancing performances are projected onto the water, mixing traditional Chinese dance and ballet. It is a show you will never forget.

Travel Essentials

Best Times to Visit

Different seasons have different highlights. In spring, you can see the flourishing sea of flowers and enjoy the beautiful spring scenery while summer is the season for floods and the waterfalls there are especially spectacular. Autumn is the season when maple leaves turn red and are dotted across the whole canyon. In winter, the leaves are still green. In the karst caves, you will feel cool in summer but warm in winter.

Nearby Huaxi Park

Huaxi Park is also called Flower Stream Park and is a nature park in Guiyang. It has landscaped gardens and is filled with ethnic minority customs. When it comes to major festivals of ethnic minority, people always gather in there to celebrate.

The scenery is beautiful in all four seasons, especially the sea of flowers in spring and the broad avenues that are carpeted with fallen leaves in autumn.

Click here to read more about Huaxi Park.

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