Guizhou Maps

Guizhou Province is located in the hinterland of Southwest China. The province is a promising travel destination with colorful ethnic minority villages and unique landscape sceneries. If you want to know where Guizhou is, or what attractions to visit, the following maps will be useful.

Guizhou Location Map

guizhou map

Guizhou Attractions Map

The ethnic minority villages are highlights of Guizhou Province. Here, you can visit authentic ethnic minority villages, admire their costumes and architectures, or enjoy local festivals and ceremonies.

In some villages, you will have the chance to experience traditional handicrafts, like in the batik village, papermaking village and silversmithing village.

Another option is to have a check-in of some nature wonders, like Huangguoshu Waterfall and Fanjing Mountain. See more on Top Things to Do in Guizhou.

Guizhou attractions map

Guizhou Province Map

guizhou province map

Guizhou Minority Group Distribution Map

Guizhou minority group distribution map

Guizhou City Maps