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Transport in Guizhou (Fast and Convenient, to All Attractions)

Transport in Guizhou (Fast and Convenient, to All Attractions)

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Aug. 31, 2023
Guizhou has lofty mountainsGuizhou has lofty mountains

Locked in by lofty mountains, Guizhou has had a reputation for difficulties in getting from A to B. Things have changed quickly over the last decade, with the rapid development of the transport system in Guizhou.

Today, airlines, highspeed railways and express highways connect the cities and county towns of Guizhou, not to mention nearly all major cities in China.

Air, 1 Hub and 16 Branches

At present, Guizhou has 10 airports, with others still under construction. The capital city, Guiyang, is home to Longdongbao International Airport. Although some smaller airports only offer limited services, travel by air is still a quick and convenient method for reaching, traversing, and leaving Guizhou.

Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport

Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport (KWE) is about 11 km from the city center. It is an important airport hub for Guizhou, and for the whole of southwest China.

At present, the airport hosts 90 domestic airlines connecting nearly all major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Taipei. It also has 16 international airlines connecting Seoul, Osaka, Nagoya, Bangkok and some other overseas cities.

See the following table for reference:

Departure Arrival Airline Time Duration
Seoul (ICN) Guiyang (KWE) CZ3062 16:25-22:35 7h 10m
Osaka (KIX) MF836 13:50-23:50 11h
Nagoya (NGO) NH939 10:30-12:30 9h
Bangkok (BKK) NX885 11:10-17:40 5h 30m
Beijing (PEK) CA1461 09:00-12:15 3h 15m
Shanghai (SHA) CZ3652 11:40-14:25 2h 45m
Hong Kong (HKG) HX6354 20:00-22:05 2h 5m
Taipei (TPE) CZ3022 12:25-15:20 2h 55m

Note: The schedule above doesn't cover all flights and is for reference only. Please check the homepage of the airport or contact our travel consultant for more information and suggestions.

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Trains or Highspeed Trains Are Available in Every City

Express trains, bullet trains and highspeed trains. Railway transport in Guizhou is developing rapidly, affording more options for tours of the province. If you like traveling by train, or want to experience the technical development of China, why not try out a bullet train.

Trains are available in every Guizhou citiesTrains are available in every Guizhou cities

The capital city Guiyang is connected by highspeed railways in all directions, leading to important cities, and even county towns. In future, all cities in Guizhou will be connected by highspeed train.

Most-Used Train Stations

Guiyang North Railway Station

Guiyang North, or Guiyang Bei, is the top highspeed railway station in southwest China. The station is a stop on the Shanghai-Kunming, Guizhou-Guangzhou, Chengdu-Guizhou, and Sichuan-Guizhou highspeed railway lines. It provides easy transfer to light rail and public buses.

Guiyang East Railway Station

Guiyang East, or Guiyang Dong, is an intermediate station on the Shanghai-Kunming highspeed railway, and the departure/arrival station for the Guizhou-Guangzhou and Sichuan-Guizhou highspeed railway lines.

Kaili South Railway Station

You can take a highspeed train to visit minority villagesYou can take a highspeed train to visit minority villages

Kaili South, or Kaili Nan, is a major station on the Shanghai-Kunming highspeed railway line. From Kaili South, travelers can arrive at multiple provincial capitals within half a day. It takes only 35 minutes from Kaili South to Guiyang North, about 8 hours to Shanghai Hongqiao, or 10 and a half hours to Beijing West.

Have a look for some Attractions in Kaili.

From Guiyang, travelers can take trains to nearby destinations, like Chongqing, Chengdu, Kunming and Guilin, or to other large cities, like Changsha, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong (the Guizhou to Hong Kong high-speed train will be available from Sep. 23, 2018).

The table below presents distances and train durations. Feel free to contact us if you need any feedback on train journeys, such as the differences between going by express train, bullet train or highspeed train.

Departure Arrival Distance (km) Duration
Chongqing West Guiyang North 370 2h
Chongqing West Guiyang East 373 2.5h
Chengdu South Guiyang North 660 3.5h
Chengdu East Guiyang North 655 4h
Kunming South Guiyang North 530 2h
Guilin North Guiyang North 470 2.5h

Express Highway, Driving Along Sceneries


With Guiyang at the center, the express highways stretch in all directions, connecting all the famous scenic areas, ancient towns and minority villages. By highway, it only takes 2 or 3 hours to travel from one scenic area to another.

Some Guizhou people praise the province for having the most beautiful express highways. All along the way, travelers will observe hills and mountains, rivers and streams, and other eye-catching rural scenery. They also have a chance to see some of the highest bridges, typical rest areas and toll stations.

With China Highlights' private tour service, you can enjoy your journey in a comfortable private car, not squeezed into a packed tour bus. Check the table below for approximate distances and driving times between starting base and attractions in Guizhou.

Route Distance (km) Driving time (h)
Guiyang-Kaili 185 2.5
Guiyang-Anshun 88 1.5
Kaili-Xijiang Miao Village 32 1
Kaili-Zhengyuan Ancient Town 124 2
Kaili-Basha Miao Village 217 3.5

Travel Guizhou With China Highlights

Enjoy ethnic minority custom in GuizhouEnjoy ethnic minority custom in Guizhou

Want to travel to Guizhou but worried about transportation? Tell us your requirements! Our professional travel consultant will offer suggestions, but all the decisions will be made by you.

You may also check some sample itineraries for inspiration:

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