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Haikou Travel Guide - How to Plan a Trip to Haikou

Haikou Travel Guide - How to Plan a Trip to Haikou

Written by Candice SongUpdated Jul. 21, 2021

Haikou, capital of China's Hainan Province, is a great retreat when you are looking to escape the bone-chilling winter climate elsewhere in much of China. It provides a warm sanctuary with clean sea water, fresh air, beautiful beaches and bright sunshine.

Top Attractions in Haikou are Hairui Tomb, Five Officials Temple, and Qiujun Tomb.

Haikou Cuisine

The way to cook Haikou cuisine is the same as that of Guangdong cuisine. The Haikou cuisine is good at coconut. There are many famous cuisines such as Chicken with coconut milk, Soup with bird’s nest and coconut milk etc. In addition, the Haikou cuisine is also good at different seafood, including shrimp, shellfish, and fish etc.

Hainan Rice Noodle

The Rice Noodle is one of the most characteristic snacks in Hainan. It has a long history, which can be traced back to the Ming Dynasty. The Hainan Rice Noodle is made of rice noodle and dozens of special condiments. It is white in color and thin in shape. It can be served as cold-dish. People always put some fried peanuts, roasted sesame, bean sprout, chopped green onion, shredded meat, sesame oil, Chinese sauerkraut or coriander on the noodle. Then add some clear conch soup. A bowl of Hannan Rice Noodle is ready.

Hainan Chicken with Coconut Milk

The Chicken with coconut milk also has a long history. It has been popular in Haikou since 1930s. The chicken is tender and the coconut milk is strong. Tourists who travel in Hannan can not miss this cuisine.

Food Street

Tourists can go to the Longkun South Road. There they can enjoy all kinds of seafood in Haikou. The seafood is not so expensive and very delicious.

Jinlong Road is also one of the most famous food streets. There tourists can taste the delicious foods from all parts of China.

For those who want to taste Hainan local snacks, the Boai South Road is the place we strongly recommend. There tourists can taste the real Hainan Rice Noodles and other delicious local snacks.

Recommended Shopping Center

Haixiu Avenue

The Haixiu Avenue is the most prosperous business street in Haikou. There are many souvenir shops. Tourists can buy the crystals, pearls in these jewelry stores. Coffee, palm sugar, coconut carvings can be bought in those local product shops.

Dadongmen Market

The Dadongmen Market is the distributing centre of the seafood. Tourists can buy some dried squid and other fish products. Across the Dadongmen Market, there is an antique street; tourists can buy some antiques there.

Bailongnan Fruit Market

The Bailongnan Fruit Market is located at the Bailong South Road. Tourists can buy fresh mangos, pineapples, coconuts, jackfruit, carambola, durian and other fruits of the season.

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