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Handan's attractions showcase the city's historical and cultural importance. Handan has a history of over 2,000 years, and is blessed with numerous historical relics. Compared with the world-famous historical attractions in Beijing and Xi'an, attractions in Handan are far less crowded.

The most popular attractions in Handan are listed below. Let China Highlights help you customize a Handan tour to see the best of the city.

Most Popular Handan Attractions

Wuling Cong Tai Terrace

It was constructed when Wuling was the king of the Zhao Kingdom. The aim of the Terraces construction was for military training and entertainment. It was well known in the kingdoms of that time for it be..

Xiangtangshan Grottoes

Overview The grottoes are in two areas. The northern and southern grottoes are separated by a distance of about 15 kilometers. The grottoes were first dug in the Northern Qi Dynasty. In the Sui, Tang, Song..

Toddler Bridge

Toddler Bridge was originally made of wood and was converted into a five-tunnel stone bridge during the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty. The bridge has a length of 32 meters, a width of 9 meters and a h..