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Hangzhou Chinese Medicine Museum of Hu Qingyu Pharmacy

It is the only national-level professional Chinese medicine museum.

It was built on the basis of ancient architectural complex of Hu Qinyu Pharmacy. Visitors can not only read extensively the precious books of Chinese medicine, but also appreciate the ancient architecture. It is consisted of showroom, Chinese Medicine Workshop, Health Care Outpatient Service House, Business House as well as Medical Diet Restaurant. In the Chinese Medicine Workshop, experienced old medicine makers will show the traditional skills of making medicine, and visitors can imitate and experience it by their own, enjoying themselves and knowing the medicine making skills in the ancient times.

hu qingyu hall chinese traditional herbal medicine museum Medicine displayed in the museum

Items on Display

  • Precious unearthed medicinal materials;
  • Specimen of Chinese medicine plants, animals and minerals
  • Traditional wares to make Chinese medicine Vessels

Opening Time: 08: 30 – 16: 00

Address: Dajing Lane NO. 95, Shangcheng District

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