Hangzhou Restaurants

Hangzhou Restaurants

By Ruru ZhouUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Hangzhou has a vast range of restaurants catering not only to local palettes, but also serving dishes from all over China and all over the world.

Xihu District

1. Lou Wai Lou Restaurant Gushan Road Branch

LouwailouresturantLou Wai Lou Restaurant

This is an old and famous restaurant, where you can taste a variety of delicious food such as beggars’ chicken, fish cooked in vinegar gravy, and Aunt Song fish soup (a kind of thick soup cooked with mandarin fish, hams and winter bamboo shoots). 

Besides, many desserts there are also known to all, far and near; three desserts are even listed as “Chinese famous desserts”: Wushan pastry, lotus root steamed with sticky rice, and vegetarian ham made from the skin of bean curd and red rice flour. 

What’s more, while having meals, you are also able to appreciate the beautiful West Lake there. However, the price of the food is not cheap, but the excellent taste is worth the high price.

2. Lou Wai Lou Restaurant Jade Spring Branch

The restaurant is surrounded by picturesque scenery and enjoys an elegant environment. It is the biggest natural oxygen bar in the downtown area. Also, there are even tea houses inside the restaurant.

3. Lou Wai Lou Restaurant Temple of General Yue Fei Branch

After or before visiting the Temple of General Yue Fei, you can take pleasure from a meal at the restaurant to satisfy your appetite. You can also enjoy a view of the West Lake there while having meals.

Zhejiang Xizi Hotel Hangzhou The Chinese Restaurant in Xizi Hotel

4. The Chinese Restaurant in Zhejiang Xizi Hotel

The hotel is located at the foot of the Sunshine Mountain where there is one of the Ten Views of the West Lake, namely Sunlight Shines on the Leifeng Pagoda. 

The hotel enjoys a quiet and tastefully laid out environment where you can enjoy beautiful scenery while having meals. With considerate services, the restaurant offers first class dishes which are made from well-chosen ingredients. But the price is expensive. And it charges 15 % of the total meal cost for the service charge.

Gongshu District

The Chinese Restaurant in Hao Lai Deng Hotel

The hotel is on the far side of the West Lake. And it takes only 15 minutes to drive from the downtown area to the hotel. The hotel offers various services such as accommodation, catering, entertainment, ticket sales and shopping.

It is equipped with advanced and complete facilities and the decoration there is splendid. It is unique in that there are rooms for a sauna and lavipeditum. Also, there is a central air-conditioning system, a digital television system, internet ports, a system for international direct distance dialing, an automatic elevator system…all of which will enable you to have meals and have a rest comfortably there.

Shangcheng District

The Chinese Restaurant in Da Hua Hotel

The hotel is quite close to the West Lake which you can feast your eyes on if you choose to sit beside the French windows there. Meanwhile, it is quiet and peaceful inside the hotel. It offers popular light dishes. Also, the staff members there are thoughtful and enthusiastic which will make you feel comfortable.  

Upmarket Restaurants

To round off our excursion of Hangzhou's restaurant scene, here are three of the most upmarket restaurants from various localities in the city.

1. Dragon Well Manor

Dragon Well Manor specializes in 'slow food', an idea which originated in Italy but which now has a global reach. The principle of slow food, as opposed to fast food, is that it focuses upon traditional, regional dishes. It relies upon the idea of sustainability, with ingredients locally sourced and farmed in a manner that is kind to the ecosystem. For this you pay a premium.

The Dragon Well Manor may be expensive it comes with rave reviews and it's luxurious setting within a Chinese garden makes for the perfect eating experience. Feel free to ask the attendants, (no mere waiters, these), about where the food is sourced, they are a mine of information. Given its high rating and popularity, be sure to book in advance, this is 'reservation only'.

2. 28 Hubin Road

Don't be fooled by the unimpressive name, this is one of the top-ranked Chinese restaurants in the nation, so much so that the number '28' alone is enough to signify it locally.

Associated with the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Hangzhou, the restaurant specializes in the traditional cuisine of Hangzhou, as well as nearby Suzhou and Huaiyang. Its Beggar's Chicken, baked in lotus leaves and non-toxic clay, is a refinement of a traditional meal beloved in the area and is worth checking out.

3. Jin Sha

Another restaurant associated with a hotel but with its own reputation for excellent cuisine, (and a price to match), is the Jin Sha. Located in the Four Seasons Hotel two or three minutes' walk from West Lake, it overlooks the hotel's scenic garden and small lakes.

Specializing in regional food once again, the menu there is perhaps broader than our other two offerings focusing on dim sum at lunchtime, a particular specialty. The Jin Sha comes in for rave reviews all round for food, location, and service.

Musilim Restaurants

Xinjiang Pamier Restaurant 新疆帕米尔餐厅
Address: No.9-5, Qiutao Bei Road, Jianggan District (江干区秋涛北路9-5号)
Average Price per person: 90 yuan
Tel: 0571-8652 0381

Yi Shun 东伊顺
Address: 99 Gaoyin Street, Shangcheng District (上城区高银街99号)
Average Price per person: 50 yuan
Tel: 0571-87805163

Check out more top Muslim restaurants in Hangzhou.

Vegetarian Restaurants

Botree Courtyard 菩提精舍
Address: No.45-47, Beishan Road, Xihu District (西湖区北山路45-47号)
Average Price per person: 60 yuan
Tel: 0571-8797 3602

Fuxing Guan Vegetarian Restaurant 福星观素菜馆
Address: No.1, Yuhuangshan Road, Xihu District (西湖区玉皇山路1号)
Average Price per person: 43 yuan
Tel: 0571-8707 2030

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