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 Hangzhou Muslin Restaurants

Hangzhou Muslin Restaurants

Written by CindyUpdated Jul. 19, 2023

Jianggan District

Xinjiang Pamir Restaurant

Xinjiang Pamir Restaurant is popular due to real Xinjiang-style delicacies and good service. The fragrance of fried lamb with cumin, the restaurant's specialty, invites you in from the gate.

The wooden suspended ceiling, wooden tables and chairs, and soft warm lighting create a pleasant dining atmosphere.

  • Chinese name: 新疆帕米尔餐厅 Xinjiang Pamier Canting
  • Recommended dishes: Mutton kebab (羊肉串), roast lamb chops (烤羊排), yogurt (酸奶), Xinjiang rice (手抓饭), roasted leg of lamb (烤羊腿), Xinjiang-style braised lamb chops with naan (馕包肉), sautéed shredded potatoes with chili and vinegar sauce (酸辣土豆丝), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), grilled buns (烤包子), and sautéed broccoli (西花菜).
  • Average price per person: 47 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9 a.m.–11 p.m.
  • Address: 9-5 Qiaotao North Road, Jianggan District (江干区秋涛北路)
  • Tel: 0571-86513888, 0571-86520381
  • Transportation: Take bus 34, 44, or 100, and get off at Caihe Lukou (采荷路口).

Xianglin Special Muslim Restaurant

Xianglin Special Muslim Restaurant specialties are Xinjiang-style braised chicken and braised beef brisket with carrots en casserole.

The restaurant has a relaxed dining atmosphere and considerate service.

  • Chinese name: 祥林清真特色菜馆 Xianglin Qingzhen Tese Caiguan
  • Recommended dishes: Mutton kebab (羊肉串), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), mutton soup (羊肉汤), grilled naan-bread (烤馕), roasted lamb chops (烤羊排), stir-fried hand-pulled noodles (炒拉面), fried and simmered beef tenderloin (扒肉条), and pita bread soaked in lamb soup (羊肉泡馍).
  • Average price per person: 23 yuan
  • Address: 130 Shuangling Road, Jianggan District (江干区双菱路130号)
  • Tel: 0571-86430669
  • Transportation: Take bus 21, 40, 44, or 199, and get off at Nanxiaobu Xiaoqu (Nanxiaobu Community/南肖埠小区).

Shangcheng District

Dong Yi Shun Restaurant

Dong Yi Shun Restaurant stands out with its delicious northwest-style Muslim cuisine on Gaoyin Street, where Hangzhou-style restaurants are the norm.

The restaurant is especially popular with Muslim visitors from abroad, because it also serves salad and some western-style meals.

The restaurant is decorated simply, but looks elegant and bright, particularly because of French windows on the second floor. In addition to its tasty dishes, good service is another attraction of the restaurant.

  • Chinese name: 东伊顺 Dong Yi Shun
  • Recommended dishes: Mutton kebab (羊肉串), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), grilled naan-bread (烤馕), yangrou paomo/pita bread soaked in lamb soup (羊肉泡馍), fried scallion pancake (葱油饼), steamed corn flour buns (高庄馒头), Xinjiang-style hand-pulled noodles with minced beef and vegetable sauce (新疆拌面), yogurt (酸奶), roast lamb chops (烤羊排), deep-fried corn cakes (玉米饼), and fried mutton with cumin (孜然羊肉).
  • Average price per person: 37 yuan
  • Opening hours: 11 a.m.–9 p.m.
  • Address: 99 Gaoyin Street, Shangcheng District (上城区高银街99号)
  • Tel: 0571-87805163
  • Transportation: Take bus 60, 195, 208, 216, or 404, and get off at Gaoyin Jie Dongkou (East Exit of Gaoyin Street/高银街东口).

Dong Yi Shun Restaurant Renhe Road Branch 东伊顺仁和路店

  • Average price per person: 38 yuan
  • Address: 46 Renhe Road, Shangcheng District (上城区仁和路46号)
  • Tel: 0571-87085015
  • Transportation: Take Travel Bus 1, 7, or 25

Mutton Soup Restaurant

It is said that the historic Mutton Soup Restaurant's steamed mutton dumplings were created for the Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty when he was visiting Hangzhou.

The mutton soup simmered with green onions and ginger is popular for its smooth taste.

In addition to tasty food, the restaurant draws people with its historic appearance but modern interior, and considerate service.

  • Chinese name: 羊汤饭店 Yangtang Fandian
  • Recommended dishes: Yangrou shaomai/steamed mutton dumplings (羊肉烧卖), lamb sweetbread soup (羊杂汤), roasted leg of lamb (烤羊腿), mutton kebab (羊肉串), sautéed slices of lamb with green onions (葱爆羊肉), noodles with shrimp and eel (虾爆鳝面), roasted lamb chops (烤羊排), and stir-fried mutton with fish (鱼羊片).
  • Average price per person: 22 yuan
  • Address: 64 Zhongshan Middle Road, Shangcheng District (上城区中山中路64号)
  • Tel: 0571-87027346
  • Transportation: Take bus 60, 195, 208, 216, or 404, and get off at Gaoyin Jie Dongkou (East Exit of Gaoyin Street 高银街东口).

Northwest People's Restaurant

Northwest People's Restaurant is famous for authentic northwest-style dishes, and other different style halal dishes, such as Sichuan-style and Cantonese-style dishes. Its specialty is tender sizzling mutton with cumin.

On the first and second floors of the three-story building are two brightly decorated large halls, with crystal chandeliers. The third floor is divided into several private rooms with expensive, elegant decorations.

The restaurant is also praised for sincere and considerate service.

  • Chinese name: 西北人家清真风味馆 Xibei Renjia Qingzhen Fengwei Guan
  • Recommended dishes: Lamb kebab (羊肉串), steamed chicken with chili sauce (口水鸡), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), roasted lamb chops (烤羊排), bean jelly (凉粉), and yangrou paomo/pita bread soaked in lamb soup (羊肉泡馍).
  • Average price per person: 40 yuan
  • Address: 257 Zhongshan Middle Road, Shangcheng District (上城区中山中路257号)
  • Tel: 0571-87075591, 0571-87075592
  • Transportation: Take bus 95, 270, 274, 281, or 290, and get off at Yangbatou (羊坝头).

Northwest Families Restaurant Youdian Road Branch 西北人家风味清真馆邮电路店

  • Average price per person: 26 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10 a.m.–12 a.m.
  • Address: 22-8 Youdian (Post) Road, Shangcheng District (上城区邮电路22号-8)
  • Tel: 0571-87922218
  • Transportation: Take bus 510 or 822, and get off at Youdian Lu (Post Road/邮电路).

Xiacheng District

Tarim Uygur Restaurant

Tarim Uygur Restaurant serves various Muslim-style dishes, snacks, and barbeques.

The restaurant has authentic tapestries and folk instruments hung on the wall; the hall is particularly notable for the golden tablecloths and curtains with elegant lace.

The restaurant also provides ethnic singing and dancing.

  • Chinese name: 塔里木维吾尔族馆 Talimu Weiwuerzu Guan
  • Recommended dishes: Lamb kebab (羊肉串), grilled naan (烤馕), Xinjiang rice (手抓饭), Xinjiang-style braised lamb chops with naan (馕包肉), Xinjiang-style braised chicken (大盘鸡), and roasted lamb chops (烤羊排).
  • Average price per person: 50 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9 a.m.–9 p.m.
  • Address: 175 Hedong (River East) Road, Xiacheng District (下城区河东路175号)
  • Tel: 0571-85239054
  • Transportation: Take bus 19, 30, 38, 44, 45, 46, 57, 58, 67, 218, 316, or 807, and get off at Chaohui Wuqu (Chaohui Fifth Community/朝晖五区).
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