Jihua Ski Resort

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

The Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski Resort is conveniently located in Binxi National Forest Park, Bin County. Not only serving as a resort for the ardent skier, it is also used for top-level professional sporting events, so the visitor is guaranteed some of the best facilities a ski resort may have to offer.


Several features of the resort make it desirable for the skiing enthusiast seeking a good venue for the enjoyment of the sport.


This is the resort closest to urban Harbin and is readily accessible. To get there by road, take the Harbin-Tongjiang expressway. The distance is some 40 kilometers, a travel-time of some 30 to 40 minutes.

Well located

In terms both of climate and scenery, the Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski Resort is excellently situated. Nestled into a natural basin in Harbin's Binxi National Forest Park, surrounded by mountains, the snow is abundant and ideally-suited to the sport. Being sheltered, winds are moderated and the temperature is kept stable. The annual snowfall averages out at around a meter, leading to a suitable compaction depth for cross-country ski trails. These tend to be sheltered from the sun, so glare is minimized as is snow degradation. Indeed, the climatic and environmental stability is such that favorable conditions prevail for up to 150 days of the year, the longest skiing period in the Harbin area. Spring is particularly favored, this being the period when conditions are almost invariably good, even in years that are less than ideal overall. However, be warned that spring may therefore prove to be more crowded.


With 15 trails in total, the resort caters for all levels – beginners, intermediate, advanced, and children. The fifteen trails have a total length of 30 kilometers, the longest of the advanced trails some two-and-a-half kilometers in length. The resort is ideally suited to those who want to try skiing for the first time, with 10,000 sets of clothing and equipment for rent for novices who want to try the sport out. The beginners' trail is ideal, the widest beginners' trail in China, up to 100m in places. The facilities are adequate for the reception of 5,000 participants at a time, making it a good place to head out to on a whim rather than requiring excessive forward planning.

Accommodation and other facilities

With a four-star hotel on site located within a more general service center, with a total area of 19,700 square meters of floor space, the central location of all necessary and desirable facilities make the Jihua Changshou Mountain Ski Resort exceptionally easy to negotiate. In the service center you can rent equipment, eat in dining facilities so extensive they can cater for 2,000 guests at a time, stay in one of the 100 or so hotel suites should you wish to extend your trip, find entertainment and recreational facilities and have all your likely needs catered for without having to go elsewhere. The dining facilities are of particular interest given the variety on offer – both Chinese and western food is available – and the extensive glass walling which allows diners a view out over the spectacular scenery within which the resort is located.

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