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Harbin Nightlife - Things to Do at Night in Harbin

harbin zhaolin park

Although the temperature in Harbin is below freezing a good amount of the year, the city still offers rich nightlife. People with all sorts of interests can find their places in Harbin's many recreational facilities, such as bars, tea houses, Karaoke, and cafes. A leisurely stroll along the bustling Central Avenue is recommended, where nice western restaurants and cafes are available, and the night scene is good too.


Barbizon Western Food Bar

  • Address: 207, Guogeli Avenue, Nangang District
  • Tel: 0451-82600333

David's Camp Music Bar

  • Address: 299 Guogeli Avenue, Nangang District
  • Tel: 0451-53600222

USA Barker Bar

  • Address: 166 Central Avenue, Daoli Districr
  • Tel: 0451-84686688


Golden Ocean KTV

  • Address: 63 Min'an Street, Daoli District
  • Tel: 0451-84515888

Fair Point KTV

  • Address: 112 Changjiang Road, Nangang District
  • Tel: 0451-82803777


Qianshoufo International Recreation Club

  • Address: 125 Yiman Street, Nangang District

Red Leaf Club

  • Address: 91 Min'an Street, Daoli District
  • Tel: 0451-4518896