Harbin Restaurants

Harbin Restaurants

By Chris QuanUpdated May. 17, 2021

Local Restaurants

Dongfang Jiaozi Wang (orient King Of Dumplings)

Chinese dumplings Dumplings

It is a food chain with restaurants in every district in Harbin, with some branches in Beijing as well. It is a very popular local restaurant. Dumplings there are characterized by relatively large stuffing, thin pastry shell, delicious soup. Besides dumplings, some other local dishes of various styles are sold there, with some fumigated, pickled in sauce, fried very quickly in hot oil, or mixed with seasonings. The color, smell and taste of these dishes are all wonderful, and prices are reasonable.

Central Avenue Branch (东方饺子王中央店)
Address: 51 Central Avenue (中央大街51号)
Tel: 84855111

Shangzhi Branch (东方饺子王尚志店)
Address: 168 Shangzhi Avenue (尚志大街168号)
Tel: 84849111

Fendou Branch (东方饺子王奋斗店)
Address: 340 Guogeli Avenue, Nangang District (南岗区果戈里大街340号)
Tel: 84629666

Sofia Branch (东方饺子王索菲亚店)
Address: 60 Zhaolin Street, Daoli District (道里区兆麟街60号)
Tel: 87685577

Baishicheng Garden Restaurant

Chinese Food

The restaurant mainly serves Southeast China dishes. The dishes there are home style dishes. Guobao meat (锅包肉, fired pork fillet), braised spare ribs in brown sauce (酱骨) and braised tofu with potherb mustard (雪里红炖豆腐) are highly recommended by customers having been there.

Chinese name: 百事成花园食街 Baishicheng Huayuan Shijie /beye-shee-cheng hwah-ywen shee-jyeh/

Qizi Douwei Restaurant

It is a restaurant mainly serves Southeast China style dishes. Huoche Tou (火车头, unique braised ribs with sweet potatoes), fried stinky tofu (香炸臭豆腐) and roe tofu (鱼子豆腐)are top three dishes there. Soya-bean milk is very nice.

Lufu Lou Grand Hotel

It can be the oldest grand hotel in Harbin, serving pure Shangdong cuisine. Because it an old grand hotel, the decoration of the hotel is not modern. Recommended dishes are Jiuzhuan pig’s large intestines (九转大肠, Pig’s intestines braised in red sauce, the dish has the tastes of sour, sweet, fragrant, spicy and salted. It is one of the most famous Shandong style dish.), spiced beef (酱牛肉), Liushuang Duan (溜双段, sweet and sour fried shrimp and meat), braised pork balls in gravy sauce (四喜丸子).

Xiao Kunlun

It is a small restaurant bur really old and famous, famous dishes are Yuanlong Paigu (圆笼排骨, ribs steamed in a basket) and beef cooked with persimmon (牛肉柿子). Many other dishes there are also very delicious, such as stir-fried turnip (火爆大头菜), fish flavor pork slices (鱼香肉丝), stir-fried codfish with eggplant (银鳕鱼扒茄子) and Liushuang Duan (溜双段, sweet and sour fried shrimp and meat).

Bafu Fragrant Duck

It is a restaurant mainly serves Shangdong cuisine. Roast duck is the highlights of Bafu Fragrant Duck. Cold dish is the best dish going with the roast duck. Canton style Baozai rice (粤式煲仔饭, rice steamed in a pot) is available, customers can choose the dishes in the Baozai rice depending on their favor: eel, ribs, sausage, etc are available to customers’ choices.

Huangcheng Old Mum

It is a pure Sichun style hotpot restaurant, and it is said that many ingredients are from Sichuan Province. Laoma beef (老妈牛肉, spiced beef for hotpot), Hua Xia (滑虾, spiced shrimp meat) and Lao Ma Hong (老妈红, a kind of wine brewed by the restaurant) are three highlights there.

Seafood Restaurants

Longhua Fishing Village

It is a six-floor hotel, like a castle. The decorations of each floor are different to each other. All kinds of fishes are the main ingredients in this restaurant. Braised sturgeon fish with potato (鳇鱼烧土豆) should be the signature dish there. Corn juice is also highly recommended.

Mingdao Seafood

Seafood is the leading ingredient in Mingdao Seafood. High-quality service, nice dining environment and delicious food are quite worthy of the price. Corn juice is really good. Steamed eggs with clams (蛤蜊蒸蛋), seafood, Japanese style cake made by seafood (日式海饼), grand steamed twisted rolls (大花卷) and pork lungs in chili sauce (夫妻肺片) are highly recommended by customers having been there.

Western Restaurants

Huamei Western Restaurant

Opened in 1925, Huamei Western Restaurant (华梅西餐厅) is one of the earliest western restaurants in Harbin. The restaurant assembles all the elite of the authentic Russian dishes. It mainly deals in the Russian cuisine. British Cuisine, French Cuisine, Italian Cuisine and some other cuisines can be found here. There are more than 40 famous dishes, such as pork fillet with milk, chicken stewed in pot, shrimp, beef, mutton, fish roasted with milk, mixed shrimp, baked mutton in bunch, chicken cooked on iron plate.

Russia Coffee And Food

Russia Coffee and Food (露西亚西餐厅) creates a fantastic atmosphere with elegant furniture, a working grandfather clock, tasteful music and a display of photos which commemorate a Russian’s life in Harbin. The owner is half Chinese half Russian. Once you step inside, it feels like walking into a Russian family. It is very relaxing and cozy to idle away some time there and enjoy the view of Central Avenue by the window.

The restaurant mainly serves Southeast China dishes. The dishes there are home style dishes. Guobao meat (锅包肉, fired pork fillet), braised spare ribs in brown sauce (酱骨) and braised tofu with potherb mustard (雪里红炖豆腐) are highly recommended by customers having been there.

Portman Western Restaurants

The restaurant mainly serves Russian style dishes. Borsch (红菜汤), fried beef steak with black pepper (黑椒牛排), Guan mutton (罐羊, braised fresh mutton), Guan shrimp (罐虾, with sweet and sour taste) and red wine made by the restaurant are higly recommended by customers having been there.

Globetrotters Western Restaurant

It mainly serves Russian style food. Tuna salad, bread and borsch are recommended food.

Korea Restaurants

Korean General Steak Barbecue Restaurant

It is a Korean style restaurant, and barbecue is the highlights there. Jiangjun Beefsteak (将军牛排, a kind of spiced beefteak), roast beef, Jiuzhe Board (九折板, old royal recipe served in a special container with nine grids) and bibimbap (石锅拌饭, rice mixed with pickles in a stone bowl) are highly recommended by customers having been there.


It is said Sorabol is the best Korean restaurant in Harbin. Dining environment is really good. Roast beef, bibimbap (石锅拌饭, rice mixed with pickles in a stone bowl), roast beefsteak, roast ox tongue and cold noodles are recommended food there.

Hong Kong Food Restaurant

Xiaozi Zaixian Hong Kong Style Tea Restaurant

It is a restaurant serves Hong Kong style and Canton style food with simple but fashioned decoration. The dishes there are very exquisite. Highly recommended food are fish filets in hot chili oil (水煮鱼), the lower jaws of ducks (鸭下巴), cold drinks and Hongdou Bingshan (红豆冰山, water ice served with small red beans and fruits).

Muslim Restaurants


It is a very popular Muslim restaurant in Harbin, with the signature dishes are sliced mutton (扒羊肉条), Guobao meat (锅包肉, fired pork fillet) and steam dumplings (蒸饺).Roasted beef (烧牛肉) and shao-mai (烧卖, a kind of steamed dumplings) are also worthy to relish.

Muslim Da Hongmei

Huitou (回头, a kind of unique Muslim food wrapped with beef and mutton, with huntun shape), roasted mutton chops (烤羊排), Guobao meat (锅包肉, fired pork fillet), sliced beef (扒牛肉条) and roasted leg of lamb (烤羊腿) are recommended dishes in there.

Family Bai Muslim Restaurant 白家馆

It is an old and famous Muslim restaurant in Harbin. Average price per person is about 50 yuan.

Qingxiangge Muslim Restaurant 清香阁饭店
Average price per person: 60 yuan
Address: 8 Huapu Street, Nangang District (南岗区花圃街8号)
Tel: 84563711

Dahongmei Muslim Restaurant 清真大红梅
Average Price per person: 35 yuan
Address: 74 Beixin Street, Daowai District (道外区北新街74号)
Tel: 88949977

Liushunyuan Muslim Restaurant 六顺园回族饭店
Average Price per person: 40 yuan
Address: 210 Youyi Street, Daoli District (道里区友谊路210号)
Tel: 84655180

Laorenyi Muslim Restaurant 老仁义清真餐厅

Average Price per person: 35 yuan
Address: 243 Taigu Street, Daowai District (道外区太古街243号)
Tel: 88977949

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Vegetarian Restaurants

There are several vegetarian restaurants near Jile Temple (极乐寺).

Suiyuanju Vegetarian Restaurant 随缘居素食府
Average Price per person: 40 yuan
Address: 12 Beixuanqiao Street, Nangang District (南岗区北宣桥街12号)
Tel: 82595599

Jilezhai Vegetarian Restaurant (极乐斋素餐厅)
Average Price per person: 35 yuan
Address: 9 Dongdazhi Avenue, just beside Jile Temple (东大直街9号, 极乐寺旁)

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