Harbin Muslim Restaurants

Harbin Muslim Restaurants

By Chris QuanUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Daoli District

Liu Shun Yuan Muslim Restaurant

Liu Shun Yuan Muslim Restaurant serves traditional Muslim-style dishes and snacks, for example delicious fried mutton pies. Moreover, the restaurant has a pleasant ambience and it serves dishes quickly.

Liu Shun Yuan Muslim Restaurant Ansong Street Branch (六顺园回族饭店)

Red Plums Muslim Restaurant Friendship Road Branch 清真大红梅友谊路店

Nangang District

Lao Ren Yi Restaurant Yellow River Road Branch

Lao Ren Yi Restaurant has a history of nearly 100 years, and is famous for its specialty steamed mutton dumplings. The restaurant is praised for the limited quantity of their delicious dishes to guarantee the quality.

It is decorated and furnished elaborately but elegantly in western style.

Lao Ren Yi Restaurant Tongda Street Branch 老仁义通达街店

Bai's Restaurant

Bai's Restaurant earns its reputation from mutton hot pot (cooked in a traditional copper pot) and whole lamb roasted over charcoal. The tender and juicy mutton is boiled with the Bai people's special ingredients, and the tasty roast whole lamb is marinated before it is slowly charcoal roasted.

The restaurant has a nice dining ambience, simple but elegant decoration, and good service.

Red Plums Muslim Restaurant Hongxiang Road Branch 清真大红梅鸿翔路店

Daowai District

Red Plums Muslim Restaurant

Red Plums Muslim Restaurant may look like a greasy spoon, but the dishes here are authentic and cheap.

Its specialty, crisp and tender roasted leg of lamb, is marinated before it is roasted with Red Plums’ special ingredients.

Lao Ren Yi Restaurant Taigu Street Branch 老仁义太古街店

Xiangfang District

Xiangqing Restaurant

Xiangqing Restaurant is an old Muslim restaurant that serves not only Muslim-style dishes but also seafood.

The restaurant has a pleasant and warm dining atmosphere, but as it has a capacity of nearly 800, the restaurant is also a good place to hold business meetings.

Bai's Restaurant Hacheng Road Branch 白家馆哈成路店

Bai's Restaurant on Hacheng Road serves wonderful Muslim-style delicacies.

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