Harbin Vegetarian Restaurants

By Chris QuanUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Nangang District

Kek Lok Si Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

It is one of the most representative vegetarian restaurants in Beijing. There are not many customers at the usual time except for the first and fifteenth day of each month in the Chinese calendar; therefore, the environment is quiet and plain. Besides, it is located near the Kek Lok Si Temple. It will be a great place for you to visit if you want to experience the Buddhist culture and to calm down your soul. The dishes are all made of vegetarian ingredients which are quite tasty and delicious, especially the meat-like ones which are not only similar in appearance but also in taste.

Chinese name: 极乐寺素食 Jilesi Sushi

Recommended dishes: vegetarian flaky cake (素糕饼), vegetarian dumpling (素水饺), fried three delicacies (炒三鲜, fried eggplant, potato and green pepper), eighteen Arhats (十八罗汉, eighteen stir-fried vegetarian ingredients including agarics, mushrooms, lotus seeds, gluten, carrots, etc.), vegetarian beer (素啤酒, made from five kinds of grain)

Suiyuanju Vegetarian Restaurant

There is a brisk and elegant environment which matches the vegetarian food theme. The types of dishes which are abundant are similar to chicken, duck, fish or meat but are all made from various vegetables and vegetarian food ingredients. Those dishes are quite vivid in appearance and delicious to taste. Having eaten so many meat dishes, it will be better and healthier to go to such a vegetarian restaurant.

Chinese name: 随缘居素食府 Suiyuanju Sushi Fu

Recommended dishes: fried eggplant (烧茄子), hand peeled vegetables in sauce (手撕菜), twice cooked “pork” (回锅肉, fried eggplants with flour paste), vegetarian “duck” (素鸭, bean products with a duck flavor), fried lettuce and pepper (翠绿双丝), lotus leaf rice (荷叶饭), roast “bacon” (烤腊肠, dry bean curd skin)

Shanxin Vegetarian Restaurant

It is well-known that vegetarian dishes are as delicious as meat dishes. There are a great many kinds of cuisines like vegetarian tacos, vegetarian “meat” (specially made from bean products or other vegetarian food ingredients), vegetarian “fish” and vegetarian “chicken” etc. The roasted rice crust with mushrooms is soft and fresh on the inside while crispy outside. The prices are relatively more economical than other similar restaurants, and the restaurant is highly praised by customers.

Chinese name: 善信素食府 Shanxin Sushi

Recommended dishes: vegetarian taco (卷饼), steamed gluten and tea tree mushrooms (烤麸茶树菇), fennel dumplings (茴香馅饺子), roasted rice crust and mushrooms (锅巴香菇)

South Sea Vegetarian Hot Pot Restaurant

This hot pot restaurant is mainly engaged in pure vegetarian dishes and instantly boiled vegetables which taste similar to meat dishes, and are more healthy and nutritious. The instantly boiled ingredients are fresh and organic with more than 60 kinds including soybeans, peanuts, fresh fungi and mushrooms etc. The hot pot soup is a fairly healthy dish made from dozens of fungi, mushrooms and mild Chinese medicinal herbs. Besides, the ingredients don’t include eggs, meat, shallots and garlic; they are low in fat and cholesterol.

Chinese name: 南海素火锅 Nanhai Su Huoguo

Recommended dishes: vegetarian “sea cucumber” (素海参, vegetarian ingredients with the appearance of a sea cucumber), vegetarian “ham” (素猴头火腿, gluten and bean products with a ham flavor), mushrooms with a crab flavor (蟹味菇), mixed vegetables (青拼), grain noodles (杂粮粉)

Houdeju Vegetarian Restaurant

It is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in Harbin and is highly spoken of by the customers. Even some stars (including Wangfei) who put on shows here ask for takeout dishes. The meat-like cuisine is welcomed by the customers because it tastes great. The recommended dish, called the sizzling “chicken ribs”, is cooked using soybean protein which is very good for your health. The prices are reasonable and the service is quite enthusiastic.

Chinese name: 厚德居素菜馆 Houdeju Sucai Guan

Recommended dishes: Yi Zhi Chan (一指禅, fried gluten and bean products with the appearance and flavor of sausage), four lucky treasures (吉祥四宝, fried gluten loaf, chufas, straw mushrooms and tofu), sizzling “chicken” with black pepper (黑椒鸡排, bean products with a chicken flavor), roast vegetarian kebab with cumin (素串, roasted gluten with a meat flavor), rose dumpling (玫瑰馅饺子), shredded mushrooms with mustard (芥末肚丝), jasmine dumpling (茉莉花水饺)

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