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Hebei Map

Hebei Province is located in North China and the provincial capital is Shijiazhuang. The total area of Hebei is 188,800 square kilometers. It was one of the birthplaces of the Chinese nation.

There are 930 cultural relics protection units at or above the provincial level, ranking first in the country. Hebei is close to Beijing, being only 40 minutes away by airplane.

Hebei Location Map

hebei location map

Hebei Attractions Map

Hebei has three world cultural heritages: the Great Wall, Chengde Mountain Resort, and the Qing Tombs. It has five national historical and cultural cities including Handan, Baoding, Chengde, Zhengding, and Shanhaiguan.

Among the attractions, Chengde Mountain Resort is the world’s largest existing royal garden and Zhaozhou Bridge is known as the ancestor of the world’s arch bridges, being the oldest open-spandrel stone arch bridge in existence, with a history of more than 1,400 years.

Hebei Attractions Map

Hebei Province Map

hebei province map