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Hetian Attractions

To adventure lovers, few places in China are more attractive than Hetian. Hetian, at the southernmost tip of Xinjiang Province, is blessed with numerous historical relics owing to the Silk Road, which stretches across the region. Attractions in Hetian center around the ruins of old towns , Buddhist grottos, and pagodas. However, most of these attractions are either isolated in the desert or are buried under the sands, making Hetian one of the most interesting adventure destinations. The following are the most famous attractions in Hetian.

The Site of Rewake Buddha Temple

It lies in the Julakansiman desert, 40 kilometers away from the Yulong Kashi town of Luopu county in Hetian,the national key protected cultural relic.

Yingerlike Desert

Take a four-wheel drive jeep for a 22 kilometers northwest of Hetian city. Taking a four-wheel drive to the desert, you will pass by the Yingerlike reservoir. It is a good place to appreciate the bleakness of desert.

The Site of Niya

150 kilometers from the town of Minfeng,an ancient town in desert with the same fame with Loulan, another ancient city, one of the major sites to be protected for their historical and cultural value at the national level.

Most Popular Hetian Attractions