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Linhe Ancient City


Linhe Ancient City is in Hejie Town, Hezhou City. Hejie Town is in the center of Babu District, Hezhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It is only 17 kilometers (about 10.56 miles) from the central city of Hezhou.


Linhe Ancient City is the only well-preserved ancient city among the four great ancient cities in Guangxi. It is a national key heritage conservation unit.

Brief Introduction:

Linhe Ancient City was first built in the sixth year of Yuanding during the Western Han Dynasty (111 B.C.). After researches and the hard work of the archaeologist, people find that there are altogether 3 sites of Linhe Ancient City. The earliest one is in Daya Village, which is called Jiu Xian Cheng Zhi (Former City Site).

There is a Gui Hua Jing (Osmanthus Flower Well) in Hejie Town, which has a history of over 360 years. Due to its old age, the ropes (used to draw water out of the well) have carved a groove on the stones coping round the well. The groove looks like a blossoming lotus, quite beautiful. The well (Osmanthus Flower Well) got its name because there one planted a sweet osmanthus tree near the well.